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TTM 99: The Most Atlanta, The Homeliest Little Horse

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    So glad Atlanta is back for the final season because that also means the best Atlanta recap show comes back aka “This Too Much” comes back as well . This episode 3 “Born to Die” logline had me screaming- “ I’m tired of all these old heads hating, just let me listen to my Italian drill music and blue eyed trap in peace. Y’all can listen to D’Angelo or whatever.” So spot on lol
    So glad y’all are back!


  2. IamSashaPierce

    Have y’all been paying attention to the snarky episode summaries this season? They are still just as great as last season’s, which I know you loved, Rod. For me, the episode summaries are almost “better” than the episodes. They certainly inform and help me understand the episodes a bit better. Thanks for doing the best recap show there is!

  3. Sean

    The second episode I was like, “Is Donald Glover trolling Rod & Bassey?”

    The episode started out in a way that seemed design to trigger Bassey’s hate of the hwite episodes from last season, and then she went and started eating an egg the white people news “bringing egg salad to the barbecue” verse started playing in my head. Then the crying scene / Emmy grab seemed like him saying, “You want a this too much moment? I’ll give it to you.” Playing guess the race in the doctor’s office? And finally, a call-out to the expanded TBGWT universe, Earn spending a whole episode showing that neither Daemon nor J-L have anything on his spite game…

    Now, he might not be trolling y’all, maybe y’all are secret writers on the show, or maybe it is just a bunch of coincidences resulting from some shared experiences… I don’t know, but he may be trolling you.

  4. RoninRaphael

    Welcome back to the Best Recap in the Universe! It’s honestly torture trying to listen to other people after you guys, helloooooo none have thought to have an MVP someone laughing in the background. I got no time for that!

    During the break, I started watching “This Is US” During a trip to Germany and goddamn, next thing I knew I was in season 2 between German. Nah I’m sticking to Earn’s crying, Sterling K is too much for my streets.

    Back to Atlanta S4, what a start to the season. Who else but my favorite Ijaw (pronounced ee jaw I got you Rod) son on TV showing me to embrace calmness. In my next life, I’ll be as real as Darius minus the conspiracies. That’s the goal for me.

    2nd episode got me in the feelings like that day I was at church and everyone caught the Holy Ghost except me. The trauma… I didn’t see that ending with whyte lady coming. She quit good benefits at TSA too, I almost started crying after laughing. She definitely voting for Herschel Walker now. Look what you did Earn! Don’t mind me, I was just too happy to hear the three of you, I’ll return back to short comments going forward. Fuck Tracy up!

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