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2604: Worry, Darling

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, LGBTQ news, Haddish / Spears suit dismissed, Herschel Walker downplays himself, Adnan is free, GOP rapper, Cardi B moves to garnish wages of Tasha K, cop arrested after Jay-Z’s group sues, White People News and Sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think the person who holds the greater responsibility when they cheat on their spouse is the one who is married but that doesn’t absolve the person who they cheated with especially if they know the person is married. But this innocent act that lady wanted to project herself as was laughable. She started out by saying maroon five music was basically elevator music at that point. Girl, you know Adam Levine had been on a hit show for the last several years so he was still a pretty big celebrity. So she tried to downplay this like she didn’t know who he was. She bragged to her friends about it and they tried to sell it to the tabloids. She knowingly slept with a married man. The only people in this story I feel sorry for is Adams wife and kids. When did shame die?

  2. JLCauvin

    I appreciated being mentioned in a context other than hater of Black culture (though earlier in the week I believe I was mentioned in that context, my brand is strong!). Adam Levine’s mistress is clearly an idiot and probably a grifter. She probably hired a publicist to help her monetize her “model/homewrecker brand” and she started throwing around buzzwords that did not apply. As Adam Carolla used to say, “back in the day, mistresses/sex workers/vaginal entrepreneurs (last two are my additions) would exhibit some discretion since sleeping with married men was not considered a great thing. I saw three women driven films this week so I now need to go to the gym and lift extra hard to stop this pussy hat from spontaneously growing from my skull. My rank of the movies I saw is 1) Pearl (give Mia Goth the Oscar) 2) Woman King – solid and 3) Don’t Worry Darling – not as bad as critics say, but not that good, Florence looks a lot like a Russian woman I dated a long time ago so I am prepped to step in for Zach Braff if she’s looking for a younger, still age inappropriate man. Main thing I learned from DWD is that Harry Styles fans are dumb AF. Most of the girls in the theater seemed genuinely confused that he was a character and not Harry Styles. Lastly, I heard Jon Bernthal had a headache from yelling too much so he will promote American Gigolo next week. Great week of shows. Thanks!

  3. DannyS17

    What Adam Levine did was messed up but that woman who outed got some nerve not taking responsibility for her actions. Like she didn’t know he was a married man. FOH.
    I cackle every time I hear one of Maroon 5’s songs now because of yalls puns

  4. Janica

    Craziest thing about Olivia Wilde is she said she fired Shia knowing she had made that video. She was really counting on Shia shutting up I guess

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Gay actors playing straight roles are really very rare. The second one would be Jim Parsons from big bang I think.

    The message of the rapping grandma was terrible but the musical performance was better than better than I expected! I was a bit impressed.
    ( remember I’m a white lady so my expectations of rap might me strange and very minimal)

  6. SuavyP

    The rapping granny was referring to Katanji Brown Jackson’s response to the “gotcha” question that was asked of her by republicans during her Supreme court confirmation hearings. Senator Blackburn asked Justice Jackson to “define woman” and Jackson sidestepped answering the question stating that she was not a biologist. Shortly afterwards, republican outlets had a field day using Jackson’s comment as political fodder for the base stating that her not knowing what a woman is makes her ineligible for the supreme court… As far as granny’s rapping style, i feel like the beat and her flow is giving early Eminem “hi, my name is” vibes.??

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    I saw the trailer for Don’t Worry Darling when I saw Nope, and it gave me “White Woman Get Out Vibes.” I only recognized Florence Pugh and Chris Pines in the trailer, and I was all in because I really like Florence Pugh. There’s just something about her that makes movies better. Her presence in Little Women was the only reason I didn’t walk out that bore of a movie (even staring at the pretty, “thin wisp of a man” Timothee Chalamet didn’t help). I got nothing against Harry Styles. I like his brand of inoffensive, white manness. Frankly, I didn’t even know there was controversy around the film until two weeks ago. It’s been ramped up so much in the media that it feels like part of the marketing ploy. I’m still going to see the movie and I think it will be good.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    Idar Oberstein is strangely the birth place of Bruce Willis. It’s very known for the trade of gemstones. I used to live close to it before I moved as an adult and imported my parents to my current place. Property value: rather cheap. Good house can be bought for under 200 000 Euro. Now I’m browsing the real estate and wonder again why I its so crazy expensive here. I mean I know, its the location but still. 4x as expensive! The prices here are as hight here as in the more remote parts of New York City like Queens. And noone knows my city! ( besides locals)
    The good thing is as you said german murder over masks I thought I only heard about the one in Idar Oberstein so there weren’t many more I guess.

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