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2605: The Dead Wedding

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. EvieE

    I want to root for Rhaenyra but she makes it so damn hard. Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way, maybe she’s the villain. Even if she’s not, she keeps making some stupid ass decisions. I’m kinda hoping she goes out like Henry at this point if she doesn’t tighten up.

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    I think I’m goin to this wedding – it definitely sounds lit. I’m sitting far in the back, next to an exit, but I’m mainly goin to talk shit about how “royals” & printer paper people get down. But in modern times, they would 100% be shootin at this wedding.

  3. RayFromThe804

    Rod and Karen, I love yall commentary on the show. I didn’t discover your podcast until OG Game of Thrones had been finished for a couple of years. When yall announced yall were going to recap HotD (House of Dragons for my other black folks), it got me way more excited to watch it. Yall have a lot of great insights, some of them I caught, some of them I didn’t see until I rewatched. But anyways, here are my few thoughts so far:

    1. Did Daemon pull a Denzel Washington “Training Day” thing? While he was out warring over the Free Cities, did he decide he really wanted to be married to Rhanerya? (forgive me mispelling these nigga names)

    “You’ve been planning this all day!”

    “I’ve been planning this all week!”

    I guess I’m just wondering how long he has wanted to marry his niece (gross), and note that he never told his brother that he *didn’t* fuck his niece

    2. As if Rod needed another reason to play his theme music, Rod was right!

    When King V (I’m not spelling all these names out, lol) sent the tea, it was after he demanded that R marry Leanor (Laennor? I can’t with these names). I suspect that it’s an open secret that he likes men, bc gossip. You know who wouldn’t care if their new bride was a virgin or not? A guy who only fucks his wife to produce children. He’s only fucking to procreate, so he wouldn’t care about if she’s a virgin or not.

    Just some thoughts I had, I love what yall are doing, I look forward to the rest of the recaps yall are gonna do.

    Can you believe that I, as a black man, watched the entire OG Game of Thrones without listening to or reading any recaps with other black folks? I enjoyed it, but it seems like I would have enjoyed it much more if I had been tuned into yall back then.

    I love yall, peace!

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I have been enjoying watching your recaps on YouTube. I have to force myself not to listen when the episode drops in my podcast feed.

    I think we finally get to see the true nature of this show’s Littlefinger in the form of Lionel’s son, Larys Strong. He appears to be shaping up to be quite the PoS. I wonder if his status as the second son who has a disability, and the big, bag, manly Harwin as an older brother will play into what motivates Larys’ actions.

    I think the smartest thing Viserys ever said was that Deamon and Rhaenrya are alike because they have the blood of the dragon.

    I I agree with you and Karen, I wish the next jump wasn’t going to be so huge, it leaves too much room for things I want to know to be glossed over. I also wish the time jump was shorter because I would like the battle between Alicent and Rhaenrya to truly start with the actresses we know and have recollection of as being friends.

    Anyway, I will definitely be watching.

    P.S. My House of Tips shirt is on the way, I bought the red and green color version on black.

  5. logan2x1

    Dearest Lord Rod and Lady Karen of House Tips,
    Oh the laughs that I laughed. For the poll I said “yes”, I would go to a wedding in Westeros. But I would definitely sit near an exit and not eat or drink anything. Gotta keep your wits about you. But if I survived! The stories would be epic!


  6. DwayneS

    Greetings Rod and Karen. Your HOTD recaps are always great. When Queen Karen made that joke about Sir Side Piece being so nervous that he thought Chris Hansen was outside I almost fell out of my forklift at work!! Happy birthday Dear Brother Rod!
    All of love and respect Dwayne S.
    Loyal listener since episode 88. Where’s Will?

  7. Sean

    I kinda hinted that my Dr. Gay gaydar was going off like crazy when I suggested Coleryon. I told you. What did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you? ‘Cause I told you. Mmm-hmm. And when did I tell you? A long time ago. And what did I say would happen when I told you? Exactly what just happened.

    I haven’t read the book, hell, I didn’t even know that Theo Nate (the Laenor actor) was gay at the time, all I knew was that the character was sending serious Duck-lover vibes…

    Now, Cole, aka MoniCole Cristonsky, aka thou-doth-protest-too-much-methinks-hate-crime-gaybasher, may be a little too closeted to make Coleryon a thing, but I’m not saying it’s not gonna happen… I mean some people like goose, but also experiment with a little duck on the side…

    Great review, I look forward to it every week. Your show is the only reason I watch it week to week rather than waiting to the end of the season to binge it… keep up the great work!

  8. DannyS17

    Hello Sir Rod and his Lady Wife Karen. Great recap as always. As for the poll I voted no because the events are always the ghetto! (In my NeNe Leakes voice)

    Lady Rhea went out like a G.

    The last 15 mins was like a episode of Jerry Springer where everyone has a secret to reveal but nobody knows they have secrets about each other and folks start fighting.

    After watching again, it wouldn’t surprise me if Daemon started the fight somehow. Because he wasn’t shown again after he put his hand on Rhaenyra’s cheek.

    I think Criston trying to kill himself and Alicent stopping him happened after the wedding because he has dried blood on his hands and face when he takes the smaller blade out. And I agree we need a flashback
    about what happened with Criston after he killed Laenor’s lover. In the preview Alicent mentions it has been a decade since Daemon defended the stepstones.

    I also like that in the preview Alicent and Rhaenyra are both at the council table while matters are discussed.

  9. himdeel

    Rod! How dare you…be surprised that, Corlys, that Black Ass Refined Chocolate man, not have his front room gawd damn immaculate. Why? Because you never know who might show up at your front door. You know dog gone well his mama probably told him how to keep a clean house.

    Also I’m not sure how I feel about him totally relight now. For me he is a curiosity and a stereotype of sorts, because he don’t drink around whitey and he don’t trust the white man in charge of the police, but he is a Black capitalist and will call that same white man to help him secure his property, and he married the most powerful white woman Queen that never was. But he also thinks his son will grow out of his desire for that brutey man love. I am torn!

    But shame shame shame! Did you also notice how there wasn’t a single rat shown in this whole episode. Not a one. Except maybe what the king brought with them on their COVID 19 cruise to Corlys crib. I bet you they cleaned thoroughly after the king left. Oh lawd when he coughed, I reached for the ye ole Lysol!

  10. msmarysmile

    Hi Ser Rod and your Lady Wife Karen. I was thinking when Daemon’s wife said he couldn’t finish the job and they hadn’t consummated the marriage that she was referring to his ED.

  11. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Rod, I thought the same thing. What if that man George R.R. honestly wrote about GofT/HofD characters originally as black families instead of Wights (minus the insider family loving)? All of these names are Blackity Black, Black!

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