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PG 347: I Like The Stock

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss podcast ads, Justin went to a wedding, Dahmer TV show, Atlanta, Karen looking for a therapist, going to see Tabitha Brown, Into The Deep: The Submarine murder case, Eat The Rich: The GameStop Saga and feedback.


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin,

    I know Karen doesn’t do scary and horror really isn’t Rod’s genre, but in the spirit of Halloween, I was wondering if anyone watched Werewolf by Night on Disney+, or is watching Interview with the Vampire on AMC? I really enjoyed Werewolf, and I am actually surprised by how much I am enjoying Interview. AMC’s commercials did the show no justice. The commercials looked mid, and I only tuned in to see how the actor who played Greyworm on Game of Thrones was in a different role (he is great). The show is not shying away from the racism the newly Black character of Louis was/is subjected to (I was worried the show would play the “I don’t see color” game when they made that move. They are also making the romantic relationship between the two characters an active part of the narrative.

    If you have Peacock, they have a documentary detailing the debacle of the cruise industry as the COVID Pandemic began. It’s called Hell of a Cruise, and it is quite interesting on a lot of levels, the business of the cruise industry, the entitlement of white Americans, the understandable outrage in the face of the leadership of the president at that time.

  2. SuavyP

    What up pre-gamers! Man, I watched that documentary “Into the Deep” about that guy who murdered that female journalist in his bootleg submarine. Absolutely ridiculous! That poor lady had a bright future ahead of her and for her life to be taken in such a random and violent way was just truly heartbreaking. And how in the hell did that guy think that nobody would suspect him of doing it?!? His cover up story was “Absolutely Ridiculous, CUT THE CRAP!!”
    Oh, and did y’all know that not too long ago, the guy actually broke out of prison?? He somehow fashioned together some type of fake gun device and made a fake suicide looking vest to threaten the guards and got away. He was caught shortly afterwards right outside of the prison. The guy is a certified nut! What a crazy story!


  3. Sofa_King

    Leave it to a Black capitalist to confuse prosperity and posterity. SMH

  4. Mdiarra

    Hey yall,
    I know yall mentioned The Shop awhile back and in light of the scandal this week, I was trying to see if they had a new season. Lo and behold they aren’t doing the new season on HBO anymore! That might be why its not been recording for yall. All the new season can be found on youtube I think so if you want to look for it you should look into it.

    As for The Shop I oscilate between damn. why did they book him to well at least they recognized that shit was problematic as hell. I wonder if they just thought it looked bad because they were all in on it like “THE GLOBAL CABAL IS OPRESSING US” I do wish they challenged him on his White Lives Matter stuff. But also I dont think platforming someone whos clearly in a severe manic episode for clicks even if the goal is to “challenge” and “own” him is useful

    • Mdiarra

      Sidenote that Side Chik commercial by Brittany Renner is fucking hilarious. I really wanna know how that discussion went in the marketing room to pitch this LMAO. “We gonna call this Side Chik! cause you know its chicken u get on the side. Now whos a recognizable side chick that we can pay to be in this commercial!” Is Brittney even a side chick? I thougth she got paid!

  5. fyahworks

    Hello fam,

    Hope all is well!

    Just wanted to send thoughts and prayers to nene leaked son, who suffered a stroke and heart failure, but is still alive at the tender age of 23! Nene says he don’t smoke or drink! But it just goes to show you, that you never know !

    Also Brandy, suffered some seizures at home And was carried to the hospital!

    It’s just crazy how life is! You can do nothing and still end up like the people who do heavy liquor and drugs. take lil Wayne for example, he does or did lean and other drugs, and is known to suffer rom seizures from time to time. I would think brandy don’t do drugs and She ended up with a seizure! Just gotta hope for the best in this life!

    Lastly. My podcast recommendation for the week is pre game /balls deep!

    The best damn premium podcast period!!!

    Have a good one

    Fyahworks out!!

  6. Sean

    Hey, hey, hey, the best live action Batman (Keaton) did kill the Joker… Also, the second or third best live action Batman (Bale) killed more than a dozen people. And while Pattinson’s Batman may not have killed anyone according to online sources, I would be surprised if nobody died from his highway chase…

    The “no-kill” rule, which actually started (1940) after the early comics (1939-1940) had him kill a good number of people, has been broken a lot, especially by Affleck. I mean, even West’s Batman killed (accidentally, but hey, it still counts).

    That being said, I originally sat down to write this about congratulating Karen on taking the steps to get treatment for her PCSD (post-corona-stress-disorder). Best of luck and we are all rooting for you!

  7. RoninRaphael

    Greetings my 3 cousins, that article about big companies buying listeners was demoralizing but It won’t break my soul.

    Quick question for Justin, does non-alcoholic beer work for you? One thing that I like about Germany, is that almost every brand of beer that I’ve had there comes with a non-alcoholic version. My wife has a story bout her college days when exchange students from Spain were partying with them, didn’t realize that they had been drinking from the non-alcoholic bucket and were going crazy. After everyone had their entertainment, they pointed out that them kids shouldn’t be drunk . I know that NC has a lot of beer, so maybe some good non-alcoholic should be available.

  8. thatTish

    Hey Rod, Justin, and Karen!
    I hope these companies with the big advertising budgets realize that with the way “listens” are being counted, their actual reach is likely to be much smaller than they’re paying for. If you put an ad in a podcast that has millions of listeners on the record, but no active audience who is gaining awareness of your brand, that’s wasted money. They should actually look at spending more with podcasts who can’t afford to buy listens. There’s something to be said about growing an organic following of supporters, even if only a small percentage of them respond to a call to action. Over time you can get to a following where it’s larger in size with a larger amount of interactive fans to match. Large companies who can afford to do a little more research are making a mistake in not looking into a few more metrics. What good is paying for an ad on a podcast that has 2 million downloads but only 10 comments? Paying an Instagram account account that has 700k followers but little-to-no engagement. These accounts across different platforms who pay to bloat their numbers are leading to false expectations all over the place and messing things up for the folks who can actually get results.

    This makes me think of KevOnStage and Melissa’s (his wife) issues with their book publisher. They told the publisher about their active and paying fans of their individual AND collaborative projects and gave examples of how the fans have historically shown up for them. The publisher didn’t take them seriously because other influencers with a large number of followers have failed to sell. If other influencers with a “large following” can’t sell books, then why do they think they can do better? The publisher was surprised by the pre-orders even though they were given evidence of the history of the fanbase. Kev said he told the publisher to get larger venues for the tour because he hadn’t done a comedy tour this year so people were going to want to come out for him, and he was ignored. Then, when venues were almost sold out with his Patreon’s advanced notice before genpop even found out, the company was either scrambling to find a larger venue, or it was too late to back out of some they had locked down. Publisher just fumbling everybody’s bags cuz they got used to the numbers not matching the support and they didn’t do any further investigation or even take seriously the investigation that their client essentially did FOR them.

    When it comes to these ads, someone above the marketing team at these companies is gonna have to realize that the listener numbers being reported from podcast ads they pay for don’t match the company growth. I’m sure most of the marketing folks don’t wanna change anything because the numbers make them look good too and not having to do any research is less work for them. If the companies want actual growth in brand awareness and people who will purchase products from their ads, they’re gonna have to shift to make things more fair.


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