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BDS 457: Cheat-TE

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Antonio Brown pool incident, Tua concussions, Joe Burrow on concussions, Draymond hits teammate, Ho You Fat, former Cowboys player dies in climbing accident, Khloe Kardashian got brain trauma from Tristan cheating, Tom and Gisele divorce, Ime Udoka rumors, Tom Brady deletes IG post, Lebron James news, NBA fans getting warnings, new ESPN NBA song, Lana Rhoades baby speculation, Kareem goes in on Kyrie, Tyler Herro new contract, D Wade shuts down Zaya’s IG comments, Nick Young tells story of sleeping with cheerleader, Portland team fires execs, Jerrion Ealy suspended and Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jatt Rhule,

    How y’all feeling now that the Panthers have freed themselves from the shackles of Matt Rhule being all up in the videos and signing terrible QBs? Congrats to Rhule of securing that $40 million buyout bag from Carolina, at least. That’s a shit ton of money to make for being sorry but Rhule worked his ass off in that department. He went from a sorry QB in Sam Darnold to Baker fucking Mayfield; Matt Rhule witnessed Darnold throwing those wounded bird interceptions and thought the solution lay in a QB that can’t see over the offensive line. Maybe the Panthers can sign Tom Brady after this season? Ain’t like he’s got a family to go home to.

    In the words of Detective Carter and Soo Young from Rush Hour: Do it, Dan Snyder, push the fucking button! Snyder wants to blow up the league and drag all the owners to hell and I’d love to see it cuz while the NFL owners are all terrible, Snyder is one of the worst. He’s also wild petty and not very smart, which means if he reveals anything about the other owners it’s gonna have them looking extra foolish. Dan Snyder is akin to Joe Pesci in Goodfellas: all of those dudes are awful but damnit if one of them ain’t so much *louder* in his fuckery.

    Umm, why ain’t Russy joining the Lakers’ huddles and who actually better suits the Lakers be, um, on TV (bless their hearts) this season: Russell Westbrook shooting the most confident bricks we’ve ever seen or Patrick Beverly being loud, extra and too small to check Luka?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the fantastic shows this week!




    Hi Rod, Karen & Javonte Adams.

    We’re certainly singing a different tune, if Raiders-Chiefs had a different outcome, but Hunter Renfro certainly lived up to his first name by doinking Davonte Adams headfirst on their route patterns.

    Chiefs were getting beat deep all night, defensively but with the way the Raiders have been having shit luck in one-score games, certainly unfortunate. Can’t even blame Josh McDaniels’s, as much as I want to. Just unlucky and had KC beat, but Mahomes is Mahomes. I do have them losing to the Bills on Sunday, due to their differences in Wideouts and defense.

    Also, Davonte should’ve not pushed that camera man. Understandably frustrated, but nigga, control your emotions. Better off breaking a game controller than a man just doing his job. Might’ve given that man CTE. Y’all have a good one.

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jan Snyder,

    Well it looks like the theory that Dan Snyder has dirt on the other NFL owners may be true. Dan Snyder was out here like Denzel from Training Day. He was trying to put cases on all them. I don’t think this story was the smoking gun folks think it is. If anything this story helps his case to stay on as owner because now they know he has been looking for dirt and may have it. Also there is Draymond sucker punching Poole and giving a whole new meaning to donkey punching. I would say I am surprised that niggas really think this was a fair fight. Also nigga if you get knocked out rather it was fair or foul that shit ain’t going to matter. Especially if I get knocked out by a coworker. I don’t know Jordon Poole but ain’t no way I’m cool with a nigga that nighty night me like that. Also I wanted to bring up the Udoka situation. The fact that folks tried to make this a race issue is crazy to me. I know it’s Boston and they racist. But that’s not what happened here. I never liked the idea of dating or messing with coworkers. I always feel like that can be a thing that can go wrong so many ways. Also my context clue was when he was suspended this nigga didn’t fight it at all. He even wanted to resign. Which was weird because I have never seen someone who is innocent accept the punishment and even double down like that. Which is not to say he is innocent or guilty of the accusations but definitely had me feeling that something he had no business doing happened. But anyways love the show as always.


  4. fyahworks

    *** Greetings to brother Rod , killa Karen, and Jen Gordon!!!!!

    I swear guys, I ain’t doing this on purpose! It’s like the articles find me! Rod would you please do the honors and hit the Raymond Lewis clip please!

    So is Ben Gordon the nba version of adrian Peterson? Out here beating kids? He took it a step further and whopped that ass in public, LaGuardia airport to be exact!

    “Watch when happens, if you take away our game! I beat them kids ass SAL”!! Not only did Ben punch his 10 year old son, but he violated an order of protection, and resisted arrest!

    This was followed up Monday night by the star wide receiver. Of the raiders! And boy did he “raid” that camera man’s space! Adam who had a pretty good game with 2 touch down catches in a close loss, was so pissed he shoved a camera man as he made his way to the locker room! He apologized but he got charged! I understand frustration after a loss like that but I will chalk it up to his emotions! But it’s gonna cost him in the long run!!!!

    You guys keep doing the damn thing

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!!

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