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2613: Rhae Rhae’s Kids

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. bamil73

    OK, I know you said no theories but after watching this episode I got a couple.

    1. There will be a season 2.
    2. There will be more incest. ‘Cest in the morning, ‘cest in the evening, ‘cest in the nighttime too,
    3. Niggas gon’ die…by murder…stabbings and stuff.
    4. Dragons are going to burn shit.

    These may be some of the most deep, insightful, not-at-all-obvious predictions you’ve ever done heard on the podcast. You’re welcome.


    P.S. Loving the recaps, they are honestly the best part of watching the show week to week.

  2. Law

    All these character’s personalities are really developing and getting fleshed out. I want to see which one of these problem children end up having their stories told by bards, haha. All I know is, as socially awkward as them “children of the corn” looking kids are, we can’t accuse them of being soft! I thought it was about to be some Lord of the Flies/Hunger Games shit going. I ain’t seen that kind of hostility in kids since Trey got called an “African booty scratcher” in front of the class. Definitely looking forward to the next time skip!

    Alicent finally showed her “true” nature, but I’m a little bit lost on how to perceive it. She always had this “misery loves company” outlook on life. I feel she was looking forward to sharing complaints about their significant others like long-time friends do and discuss their mutual complaints about the realm. However, Princess Rhae Rhae got to be mischievous and continues to do as she pleases. Alicent, on the other hand, has the Crypt Keeper wheezing hard and dripping sweat on top of her. She clearly wants to see Rhae punished in some way.

    My question is, “What is Alicent most upset at?” That Rhae gets away with not playing her role according to expectations? Or is it because Alicent cannot move the same? There’s a difference between doing the “right” thing because of moral obligation and duty, and doing the “right” thing to avoid consequences and criticism. Does Alicent secretly want to get her freak on too? We know jealousy and envy can turn into some wild shit, and Alicent tried to off Rhae with a knife like a Greaser in the Outsiders. Was this just a result of the outburst or has she wanted her dead for a while?

    Anyway, stay gold, Roddenkaren!

  3. EvieE

    The real villain on this show is Viseryas. If he wasn’t a sorry ass mother fucker who had some back bone none of this would be happenings, old emperor palpatine looking ass

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Sir Rod and your Lady-wife, Karen,

    I swear, Viserys is about the stupidest white man to have ever whited. Everything this big dummy does is the cause of the downfall of his family. I cackled when you said he uses, “Hands off leadership,” with his one arm having ass.

    When Daemon laughed at Vamond reading Rhaenrya’s ass for filth. I loved it, even though some people seemed to think is was a sign that he is a demented. No, Daemon caught the mess and couldn’t help himself. Then, he unloaded on his idiot brother and that snake, Otto (the pre-Tywin Lannister of grandfathers), with both barrels. It was a thing of beauty.

    I agree with you Rhaenrya is just as dumb, if not dumber than her big dummy of a father. She makes it all but impossible for you to root for her. Luckily, Alicent (and her now publicly bitter and jealous self) and her rapey, assaulting, sociopath kids continue to be the absolute worst. All I can say is, it really isn’t Rhaenrya’s fault that she keeps getting hot dick and you got Crypt Keeper dick, blame your ain’t shit daddy for that. I do think that the daughter is supposed to have the future visions that Viserys claimed to have. Remember last week when Alicent told Aemond he would have a dragon, Helena said he would have to lose an eye first. This week, she said the last on the throne will have no legs. Could that be Bran?

    Does Daemon know or care that Aemond assaulted his daughters? Or are they already casualties in his reignited power play?

    The problem with Laenor remaining alive is his dragon. Won’t people notice that he/she is not in mourning? Or will Raena get the dragon.

    Side-bar: Have you noticed the nonsensical and disruptive way YouTube inserts commercials into the episode? You will literally be mid-sentence, two commercials will play and then the discussion picks back up.

  5. Mike

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Your point about not rooting for anyone is so important. I wish I’d learned earlier that there are some shows where you’re just not supposed to root for anyone. I quit the Walking Dead years ago because I made the mistake of caring about the characters, and then I got upset when they inevitably died horrible deaths. I’m not making that mistake again. The only thing I’m rooting for in House of the Dragon is mess and a high body count.

    I love that the kids are already messes. Though I’m glad that it looks like another time skip is coming. Aemond’s actor is way too good at acting evil. And after what happened to Joffrey’s actor, I’d be worried for him if he stayed on the show too long.

    Thanks for your recaps!


  6. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    I was just thinking about how risk averse I was as a teen & clubs & shit was not my thing based on the probability of shootin breakin out…but somethin about these messy white folks would make me wanna see if a 2nd family showed up or something. I’d go.

  7. MiztahJ

    10 10 10s across the board!!! For this episode and this recap! Yaasss, House of the Dragon, TBGWT, House Jackson, give me ALL the ghetto ass trashy, tea-spilling niggatry!!!

    My favorite messy bitch Otto Hightower is byke, flexing on niggas with his freshly polished Hand of the King medallion. Werk Queen!

    And speaking of queens, My good sis Alicent has shown us that she WILL CUT. A. BITCH!!! Serving “On sight” realness. Nothing but respect. 10s across the board for you, Queen, slaying the house down. No, literally. Heads finna be on spikes!

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’m here for the cesty trailer trash fuckin. Get that uncle dick, Rhae Rhae, even though he was your daddy that night, oop! Shoutout to her for remaining an ally even though we know them babies ain’t Laenor’s. *sips tea*

    Come through Baela, serving, “might I suggest you don’t fuck wit my sis realness” and punching the shit outta that dragon stealing, one-eyed milky little shit! The cousins are bonded for LIFE! Slay!

    Chile…smh. Only the gays can pull off such an elaborate and dramatic performance as the one Laenor, and Qarl put on, serving “fake my death” realness! I hope Laenor has a consistent head-shaving regimen. UNIQUE!

    And lastly…Come thru Princess Rhaenys, giving us “Catelyn Stark, no, not my son realness.” Hollering so Lady Stark could wail. Werk sis!

    And, to answer the poll question, I’d go to a Westorosi funeral and wedding, but only if it’s in Dorne. I already know how them niggas get down, so if anyone doesn’t come strapped, that’s on them! Don’t act like y’all don’t know how Westeros works!

  8. shanna

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I’m enjoying your podcast and while I haven’t read the books, I have skimmed the wiki (especially after a character dies) to see how the stuff in the book has been adapted. I was so surprised that Corlys was the one who stood behind those white babies and said “thems my kin!” I was sure he was going to reject those boys and Rhaenys was going to accept them. I agree with Rod that there may have been some misogyny in him not wanting the Driftmark throne to pass to the girls but I was also listening to the official podcast and one of the hosts said that maybe Corlys accepting the Jace and Luke was his way of accepting that Laenor was gay so I’m going with that because it makes me feel better.

    I am Team Rhae Rhae but I appreciate everyone’s motivations for their actions and I’m really into this show because of how everyone is playing the game or letting their emotions cloud their ability to play the game. Like I can appreciate Aemond claiming that dragon like a G while also appreciating Baela and nem mollywhopping him.

    Lately, I have wondered how things would have been different if rather than sow discord or prepare for the worst outcome, Otto had thrown himself behind Rhaenyra as heir with the same fervor Viserys did. I think Otto had the power and position to mold Rhaenyra into the heir that the realm would accept but he decided (because misogyny and for personal gain) that the realm would not accept her and did what he could to discredit her. It’s interesting to think of how things could have been different if Otto had thrown himself into making Rhae queen with the same passion that Viserys insists those white babies are Laenor’s.

    Can’t wait for these final episodes.


  9. alycecoleman@gmail.com

    Man, watching the sex/wedding scenes with Rhaenyra and Daemon was kinda like watching Dr. Pimple Popper. It’s somehow really satisfying even though I’m having dry heaves.
    This show got me in a chokehold. Thanks, Rod, for helping me enjoy/endure it with all the hard work you put into this podcast. Keeping all these bad kids’ names straight is especially helpful.

  10. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Ser Rod and Lady Karen of House Tips,

    It took me a minute to catch the pistol on the episode art. Fucking fantastic. Y’all was making some excellent points about the quality of Alicent’s parenting. Maybe it Alicent minded her own kids instead of being mad about Rhae traversing the streets and finding big fine Ser Harwin Breakbacks, her kids wouldn’t be fuck ups. Between last episode with Aegon beating his meat out a window and especially this episode with Aemond having limitless audacity and cold serial killer focus, Alicent has been giving strong “white mom who doesn’t understand how her son became a school shooter” energy. Halaena just seems like a weird kid and I hope she just stays weird. I really thought Alicent would’ve had her kids better prepared for shit with all her talk of their aunt possibly killing them.

    Meanwhile, I thought Rhae was fucking up trying to lie to those poor bastards but when the Luke gave Aemond the Fetty Wap 50% Off Discount, it was clear that one of that child’s parents raised a Stay Ready All Star. Fighting dirty as shit can take you places. Or you can fucking have *hands* like Baela.

    I’ve loved that this show had more complicated characters than the original, partially cuz I think it makes a wider story possible; it ain’t just the standard good guys (The Starks) vs the standardish villains (House Lannister), where all the subversion is the good guys constantly losing. But the other more nuanced characters are dope? CUZ THEY CAN ALL BE MESSY AS HELL ACROSS THE FUCKING BOARD! And I love y’all recaps cuz y’all here for the mess and to watch greatness unfold. That last sequence was like watching Kansas City and Buffalo in the playoffs last year: fuck picking a side cuz that was a special battle. It was like everyone agreed if someone else goes low, they’re going to hell. Fucking amazing.

    Peace y’all!

  11. JLCauvin

    Stayin Alive for Aemond had me LOLing at my desk. A few thoughts (previously predicted on the one of the best paywall recaps, but merely the king’s guard of recaps compared to the House of Tips, which rightfully reigns) – Aemond is a 2nd son and I think Corlys and Daemon’s conversation early in the season was really foreshadowing Aemond who is already the coldest and most disciplined of all the second sons we have seen. And the show really does not waste a shot – in the crab feeder fight we see Daemon’s dragon get hit and Daemon feels it because of that bond – I think Aemon’s Big Dragon Energy reflected that he bonded with the biggest dragon and now has that confidence connection.

    • Sean

      J-L jumping in to hit on Aemond’s BDE… Perfect and hilarious. The way Aemond walked up to Vhagar like he was Ron Raygun Jr. “Not afraid of burning in dragonfyre”

      Not sure if I agree that Aemond is disciplined, but definitely sociopathic. That’s his other BDE, Big Dahmer Energy…

  12. Justin

    Corlys is sexist as shit and would never let his granddaughter take his seat. He said as much when he said something to the effect of “Blood isn’t remembered, only names are”.

    Since us isn’t a king, he wouldn’t have the power to let his granddaughters names their kids with his name.

    • Justin


      • Justin

        I should have listened to the whole epsidoe before commenting. Of course you mentioned this.

  13. Sean

    Great title, great cover image…

    I am really looking forward to the rise of Alicent’s ain’t shit progeny… Aegon Weinsten, Helaena Lovegood, and Aemond Dahmer. None of them would be half the king their father is (and he is literally half a king at this point).

    Then you have Rhae Rhae’s ain’t shit progeny… Jayce E. Penny, Luke with the one eye I left you, and the one Joffrey who hasn’t been killed at a wedding. They aren’t as ain’t shit as Alicent’s kids, but they should definitely get someone to train them in combat because Cole definitely hasn’t been helping them for some reason which the King says we are not allowed to talk about…

    Finally we have Laena’s (pours one out) two… Baela the nose puncher and Rhaena the egg roaster. well, they are the only two I wouldn’t mind seeing on the throne at this point.

    Your breakdown of the aftermath of the fight was amazing. You caught the nuance so well. This is why y’all are my second favorite television recap podcast… My favorite is This Too Much… perhaps you’ve heard of it?

  14. IamSashaPierce

    Y’all had me cracking up before I even hit play! I think I woke my household up cackling at the episode title . Kudos!

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