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2612: Beat Em Up Insurance

Rod and Karen discuss a popcorn machine being mistaken for active shooter, Illinois mobile abortion clinic, Republicans suing Biden admin over student loan forgiveness, podcasters buying listeners, Tiffany Haddish lost her gigs, Gavin Newsome passing more laws, woman diverts plane after declaring “We’re all gonna die!”, Nick Cannon has another baby, insurers forcing police departments to change, Biden eliminates statute of limitations on child sex abuse, Chrissy Teigen responds to abortion backlash, Kanye rocks White Lives Matter shirt, Rachel Dolezal OnlyFans, Tia Mowry getting divorced, Black Capitalists, cop put on leave for porn, woman runs brothel out of rented home, quick draw competition turns deadly and sword ratchetness.

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Assuming he pays you, would you have Nick Cannon's baby?


  1. SymSymma

    I was wondering how some of these new podcasts were making claims about having so many listens. Y’all are out here doing the right things and it shows because we listen to like 2 hours of show multiple times a week HAPPILY AND FAITHFULLY! Love y’all

  2. EvieE

    I think Nick has a genuine problem creating these babies that he can’t be a full time father to. No way can he properly give his time to all those children no matter how much money he has and it looks like he has more on the way. I think it’s something psychological. I did hear an interesting theory which is probably bs but kinda makes sense. Nick has lupus and apparently that can cause kidney failure. Nick may be creating future donors. It’s a wild theory but crazier things have happened.

    I think Kanye is a lost cause. As long as he’s a mouth piece for white supremacy there’s a dark cloud over his legacy. Nothing he does surprises me anymore. But like most super coons they have their negro wake up moment where they fuck up like OJ and not necessarily on that scale but will expect the black community to have his back and when that time comes I’m gonna be like that snoop dog meme. “Who?!!”

  3. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Securing the bag is always an important goal. But, no. Not him. I have limits.

  4. JLCauvin

    One thought per Nick Cannon – obviously the women are consenting, but I think the concern, if there needs to be any, is for the 10 kids and counting living in 7 different homes. It just seems irresponsible as future parents to do this. Unless they all are in the same neighborhood/school system (Cannon’s Kids is almost large enough to be its own school district) can he really be a dad to all these kids? And at least some of these moms seem to be lacking this perspective, unless Cannon is just a porn version of a sperm donor. Sperm Cannon (TM)

  5. logan2x1

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    The ads on podcast are so weird, it really hurts everyone the way they do it. I listen to 3 different Shondaland podcasts and when you factor in the ads, you’re not getting that much show. It’s a bit frustrating, mainly because it’s often the same 3 ads, 3 times each episode. Shows like yours and KevOnStage & ThatChick Angel do a great job of at least making the ads fun/funny. You don’t feel the need to skip through them.

    Per the poll, hellz no. And apparently he can’t be paying them that much because didn’t one of his baby mamas just get shaded for trying to make a GoFundMe or something like that?


  6. Newsy

    Y’all had me rolling with the police violence budget. That would be an incredible sketch! “This morning I had a knee to the groin AND an elbow to the throat!”

    • ApiafromGermany

      It was really a great premise for a sketch! And of course thought : why would they waste all that nice money on violence instead of new computers or something just to remember. Hate. It’s will cost you!

  7. ApiafromGermany

    About Kanye: I wasn’t even surprised.

    I wouldn’t have Nick Cannons baby.
    And no, not because of racism ROD.
    Because I think it would make my family life complicated with me being married and stuff. My money comes from big pharma like it should.

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