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2615: PrayingOnYourKnees

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, The Rock won’t run in 2024, Herschel Walker paid for an abortion, Uvalde fires police department, Diddy calls Ma$e a fake pastor, Biden pardons all federal simple weed possession sentences, priest uses tithes money to pay for porn, Finland’s prime minister dancing scandal, Sharon Osbourne wants a refund from BLM, Sarah Silverman says only jews are standing up to Kanye’s antisemitism, Lyfe Jennings blasts the Black community over story he told about Dahmer, Black Capitalists, Chick-fil-A employee folds up criminal, B.C. man swims to work, aspiring rapper leaves gun in Uber and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sean

    Didn’t Tatiana twerk in Orphan Black?

  2. himdeel

    Hey Rod and Karen, here are some of my random reactions to this show.

    I gasped out loud and clutched my pearls like a racist white woman who realizes they are walking in front of a Black man at 4pm in a white neighborhood, when I heard you say people don’t like She-Hulk. What’s not to love?! Is it because she’s [whispers] green?! Or because she’s…dare I say it an intelligent woman? I don’t…wait just thought about it, it’s because she can only twerk when she’s green. Yep cancel her for only having rhythm as a Hill. Lmao!

    Also when you all were talking about Trader Joe’s bring back samples, I can totally see the sample people offering Rod samples with both hands, and he’s walking around with his nose up, waving them off with a royal hand. Then when Rod does try a sample, the sample person is waiting with baited breath for the chefs kiss from Rod that, never comes lol!

  3. Sean

    Just to clarify, pardons and expungement are separate. Those who were pardoned still have the conviction on their record.

    It is generally a judicial act to expunge the conviction, and is not likely to happen given that a large chunk of federal judges are unqualified stooges acting based on Federalist Society theology rather than any legitimate theory of Constitutional Law.

    To clarify on my use of theory v theology.
    A theory is a system of understanding based on evidence. If contradictory evidence comes to light it either dissipates or evolves.
    A theology is a system of understanding based on belief. If contradictory evidence comes to light it either calcifies or devolves.

    Keynesianism is a monetary theory that has evolved over the years and is now very different from what Keynes had proposed.
    Monetarism is a monetary theology that has rejected data that disproves it by claiming a lack of purity of systems. More specifically the Horse & Sparrow economic theology (aka eat shitism) which was later resurrected as Trickle Down economic theology (aka golden showerism) have repeatedly failed to produce positive results, but those who support them have become more zealous believers because of these repeated failures.

    Federalist Society judicial theology is based on the belief that outcomes should determine decisions. In other words, they believe that abortion should be illegal. They then develop crayon-sprawled rantings to make their spurious arguments sound legitimate so long as you don’t actually read them.
    The same with the Second Amendment, wherein Scalia wrote that “I don’t like this part of the second amendment so we can just ignore it” (paraphrasing, but accurate) allowing a moot amendment (there haven’t been slave patrols aka militia active in the US for a minute, meaning that the Second Amendment literally did nothing since the end of the Civil War) to become a pro-school-shooting amendment after the Heller and McDonald decisions wherein the Second Amendment became and individual right magically.

    Getting back to the point. Pardoning and Expungement are separate. Those who have been pardoned still have a record. The Pardon is not a panacea, but it is a start.

    –Also, I went back and decreased the density of the text (a little) to make it easier to parse…

    • bamil73

      I read this entire comment and feel that I am owed a PhD.
      Dr. Amil

      • Sean

        I’ll see what I can do…
        Prof. Gay

  4. Law

    Is it just me or are all of these long-exposed racists lurking in the shadows for an opportunity to chime in again? They stay looking for open windows like Ezel on Friday.

    From Sarah Silverman to Sharon Osbourne… Is Kramer going to be the next to chime in about why White Lives Matter? Is Paula Deen gonna start liking Chet Haze Tweets about “How come we can’t say it?” As soon as we forget about these people, they walk back in the room like “And ONE MORE thing!”

    It’s like a racist Bat-signal appears whenever Kanye pulls a fashion stunt, whenever Beyonce drops an album and whenever Black people appear in spaces that certain imaginations believed to be “White only.” Except Kanye is inviting these people with MAGA welcome mats.

    Joe Biden pardoning people locked up on weed charges is cool and all, but I wonder how much more will he do before his time in office is up? We still have more than one town without clean drinking water, police still get away with horrific crimes nationwide and nobody seems to want to push RICO cases on White supremacist organizations. You know that shit goes up high! From illiterate Jim Bob working at the gas station to judges selling kids to prisons. Pardoning crimes for something that never should have been illegal seems like the easy part to me.

    Hypothetical: It’s 2028 and both Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom have expressed wanting to run for president. Who y’all got based on what we already know in 2022?(You ain’t gotta answer that lol. It’s more rhetorical)

    It crossed my mind the other day and I freaked out a little. I wish more Democrats would step up and give us more options because this pendulum swinging is on my nerves. These pro-inssurectionist are praying to a God that doesn’t even approve of them. But progress is so slow that they can answer their own prayers by taking action into their own hands…

    I vote Democrat but I don’t feel any connection to a party. As two-faced and spineless as the Dems are, they still seem the least outwardly villainous in modern times. Conservatives are drunk on that Hee-Haw juice, but it honestly feels like they’re just playing “good cop, bad cop” with us. Especially when you’re Black and realize both wings belong to a foul ass racist fowl.

    I meant to make this short but something happened between my intent and the result. My my phone is just making this post look bigger than it is? Let’s hope. Anyway, thank you Roddenkaren for your dedication, your integrity and all the other dope shit in that package.


  5. ApiafromGermany

    What should people do about Kanye? I would be very happy not to hear ” but he is a genius” ever again. This only makes him act up more.
    My bar on ” genius” is a different one. I will not do what’s expected and name some known white people here as it was my first impulse.
    To educate myself I have found a site with very impressive black people I unfortunately mostly don’t know.

    By the way I love that I set a price on being anti racist. It’s 19.06.
    If every white person would send 19.06 to a black person it would be a nice start.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I had the same reaction about the prime Minister of Finnland. Did she brake any laws? No.
    Lots of people hate a young and also very good looking woman in charge. But I think she also got lots of support.

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