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2616: We Stopped Giving The Kids Arby’s

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian J-L Cauvin to discuss the status of his new special, Chick Fil-A is the slowest, Arby’s, House of Dragons talk, SCOTUS punts on abortion law, republicans asking for money from Biden after dissing him, Bill Murray pays 100k settlement, Tuberville racist remarks, Herschel Walker,  Lewinsky tv series, Dahmer series, beer thrown at comedian, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. logan2x1

    Per the poll, no, I don’t feed my kid Arbys. I actually have to give props to my child because she’s the reason I stopped eating it! When I was a college student I would buy the 5 for $5. Five beef and cheddar sandwiches and spread them out over a few days, lol. After I got married we moved to Cali and Arbys wasn’t there. So once I got pregnant and went home to have my baby there I tried to eat Arbys again. This unborn child of mine straight up rejected it. It left such a bad impression on my memory I’ve never gone back. My baby girl saved me. Love her.

    Love it when y’all bring JL on, y’all are hilarious together. Maybe he can come back for one of the last episodes of HOTD?


    • ApiafromGermany

      We dont even have an Arbys here in our country! I bet our regulators listen to TBGWT and said no.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    An episode with J-L in the same week that we get a House of the Dragon recap. The podcasting gods are truly smiling upon us. The only thing that could possibly top it would be JL, #DemThrones and Justin actin’ right on Pre-Game and Balls Deep. Or would the latter signal the beginning of the Apocalypse?

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Btw today I met I new black person! It’s an internist in a hospital and it was in a work context. The only one black physician in my selection ( of maybe – 300 physicians) and he is new. I didnt ask him any embarrassing questions don’t worry. I didnt ask him to apply to be my friend or something like that. We talked only about health failure.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    The world of names and heritage is very confusing.
    Steven Bauer changed his name to be Steven Bauer to sound more “western” as I just read. Bauer is a German name and means farmer.
    So a latinx actor changes his name to a German name to fit better into Hollywood?

    • ApiafromGermany

      My head hurts.
      I mean if you want to appear German good for you.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I was impressed by the Ariel comedian who was attacked with the beer can.
    To stay in control in such stressful situation.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I agree that in America the discussion often is : no abortion ever vs abortion shouldn’t be limited at all. My opinion is neither of that. I never had an unwanted pregnancy and why? I had access to birth control and to education about the process of getting pregnant. And luck that it worked out. I’m glad. I still absolutely want abortions to be safe and legal if those measures arent successful. But I think its easier on the mind and body to prevent it in the first place. With sex education and birth control.

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    Just a great episode all around laughs, information, and legal analysis. Thank you.

  8. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for a good time, good laughs, and plenty of Facts when the Right Rev. JL Colvin returns to the TBGWT Podcast!

  9. Newsy

    Damn, the whole Second sons theory might be right. I have an older brother by 3.5 years and he’s always been physically bigger than me, so I almost remember the Day when my parents said he shouldn’t hit me when I annoy him because he’s bigger – I became an absolute monster from that point forward, pushing all of his boundaries and buttons. I think my brother may have been impolite to someone once in his life. I wish I could have exercised a lot more chill growing up, I just didn’t know How.

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