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2617: Big Mama Viserys

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. logan2x1

    Per the poll, there are a few things I would have loved to see. Like Leana’s story and how she tamed Vhagar. But I get they’re just trying to lay the foundation of what broke this family apart. So, no I don’t think they’re going too fast. If the second season is the same pace then I would think they’re going too fast.

    They should just mail Paddy his Emmy and golden globe now. Did y’all notice Daemon smirking after they broke up the fight at dinner? I’m mad he hasn’t taught those strong boys how to be better fighters! Like he’s clearly just cares about his own kids and Rhaenyra. I guess I’m a villain because Aemon was looking good this episode. That eyepatch works for him. Can’t wait to see who he kills first!


  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    As per usual, excellent recap on the latest episode of House of the Dragon. Who knew that Stephen A. Smith would be your co-host for this episode.

    This episode just reaffirmed why I am #TeamDaemon until he does something so awful, I have to place him on the Sick and Shut-In list. This will probably be the only time in history where a white man viciously murders a Black man and gets my support. Man, Vaemon was spitting straight facts, but he failed to read the room. I mean, when Daemon dared him to, “Say it,” he had to know how things were going to end.

    Paddy Considine did a hell of a job as Viserys and the scene at the throne with Matt Smith’s Daemon was beautiful. It reinforced what I said from the first episode, “Daemon was telling Viserys the truth when he said Viserys should have made him the Hand because he was the only who had his back.” However, the scene where Rhaenys was looking at Rhaenrya like she was a bug she would loved to stomp out of existence was priceless.

    Two little moments that I noticed, but not a lot of people spoke of both involved Baela. First, when Vaemon was talking smack to Rhaenys and she stepped forward in defense of her mother, and then when all hell broke loose at the dinner and Baela was getting ready to jump in an Raena had to hold her back as Daemon stepped in. Add this to her clocking Aemond last week, and I see why Raena feels that Daemon prefers Baela, she is a female version of him. Perhaps that is why she, not Raena was sent to live with Rhaenys, when the younger child, who presumably needed mothering most was right there. Daemon needed to have the child who he knew would keep him up to speed on the goings-on at Driftmark in place. It was after all her note that prompted Daemon and Rhaenrya to return to Kings Landing to stop Vaemon.

  3. Law

    Yo Roddenkaren! Hope y’all are feeling real gooood today!

    The King did his thing in this episode! Especially at dinner when he shut the family up after all that bickering. It was like a wild TGIF episode. He was pretty much Big Mama fused with mideval Patrick Duffy from Step By Step.

    It’s always funny how them “kids” end up fighting every time they meet, but it’s gonna get sad REAL soon. When they lose the rock that held their family together, the goofy shit will flow out the flood gates.
    The Eye-Patch Dragonthief keeps looking at Daemon like he’s been wanting to get something off his chest. I don’t know if he intends to challenge Daemon some day or something different, but he’s been like that for a while. All of them are on some “I take what I want” stuff, and it’s learned behavior.

    Alright, fun recap. Y’all stay up and blessed.

  4. msmarysmile

    I love Rod going into character, especially as Viserys as if you could make this recap any better.
    I also noticed when Rhaenyra was talking to Viserys in her Garden of Gethsemane moment, he called her his only child going along with that feeling that Aemma was true love.

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I am listening to the House of Dem Dragons recap, and baby. The Reading that Rod gives Alliekat and dem bad azz children. Five Stars for the Church fan honoring our Big Mama Viserys! RIP Rha Rha’s daddy!

  6. Rwh2016

    It’s clear that Vaemond comes from a long line of Valeryan HOTEPs. The man had too much brown liquor. He was warned. How unfortunate! The maesters were right about that Valeryan steel, it cuts clean!

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