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BDS 458: Don’t Cradle Me Bro!

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ben Gordon arrested, Davante Adams pushes cameraman to ground, Dan Snyder about to let the choppa spray, Draymond Green video reaction, Ime Udoka mistress discovered, NFL concussion protocol updated, fans mad at roughing the passer calls, Troy Aikman apologizes, Dwight Howard thinks he’s done, the Side Chik sandwich, Brett Favre breaks his silence, Kanye episode of “The Shop” shelved, Ex-Angels employee sentence to 22 years, MNF protester claims he suffered concussion, Ja’Marr Chase accused of abuse, Ayesha Curry wearing less and going out more, kid tackled at Bucs game has horrible parents, Brian Robinson, Stephen A Smith, Tom and Gisele, racist high school student exposed, Marshawn Lynch new gig, Penny Hardaway getting a bag, Todd Bowles downplays race, Jason Whitlock suspects Kyler Murray is gay, Kayla Nicole bouncing back with Micah Parsons, Channing Crowder still talking about Russ and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jiego Magdelano,

    I hope all is well

    I don’t keep up with boxing but I do keep up with shit talking. I can’t speak to the quality of Teofimo Lopez’s combo to drop Diego Magdelano, but I can admire the quality of partying to circle a boxing ring!

    Nicest thing I’ve ever said about Baker Mayfield was if the planets aligned he *might* approach mediocrity. Even in the past when I said Baker was the Brown’s best QB ever? That is swell in a vacuum and basically an insult in any other context. Best Browns QB is like winning a BBQ contest judged by Kirk Cousins or being one of Dan Snyder’s favorite people.

    Even though the Hornets are stuck in the East with the accedent Cavs, what are y’all looking forward to from the Hornets?

    I realize the Cavs ain’t win last night but Donovan Mitchell’s still shaking the Utah out his system (yes I’m blaming the Jazz instead of the Cavs not closing out a game properly). Mitchell ain’t used to playing for a championship winning team, especially after being in Rocky Boston for so long.

    Justin, aside from watching the Hornets to not watch the Lakers, what the hell is that Franken-team going to do? Especially with Westbrook after he tripled down on playing the way he has always played? Somebody is gonna recreate the Grindin beat using Westbrook’s bricks and I’m gonna be sick lmao.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for a great week of shoes!



  2. Sofa_King

    Since you guys are more dialed into the Charlotte sports scene than I am, I’m counting on you to put my mind at ease: I have three Hornets on my fantasy team (12-team league), and I need you to convince me that I didn’t make a mistake.

    For the record, the three Hornets in question are LaMelo Ball (keeper drafted two years ago), PJ Washington (drafted this year in the 3rd round), and Kelly Oubre, Jr. (drafted this year in the 9th round).

  3. fyahworks

    Good evening
    And jarolina Panthers!

    Whew….. could it get any worse in the Queen City? First y’all got the jets sloppy seconds (Sam darnold) then MR progressive insurance , (faker mayfield) Matt rhule gets fired, and then Robbie Anderson get kicked out the game, and then kicked out of town via trade like almost immediately, To Arizona!
    I hope the hornets can make up for the panthers shortcomings this season!

    To continue in the football realm, Jerry Jones vs Robert Kraft celebrity boxing match……Rod set that up! Lol

    Jerry told Kraft “don’t fuck with me” in the middle of a meeting over a contract extension for Roger Goodell! Them old whites getting spicy……

    And lastly
    Thoughts and prayers to drew Shipley, who won a Washington commanders raffle! For about $14k! When he received the check, that shit bounced harder than a touchback football in the end zone off a punt! Drew ended up being fined $15 by his bank for the “bad check”! If they do write him a good check, they better add that $15 on. As well lol

    have a good one! Appreciate y’all

    Fyahworks out!!

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin

    really quickly we gotta get into this bloody ass fight between sugar neekz and susie ramadan saturday. I know y’all don’t get into women’s boxing too much, but no worries let me give some background. This particular match happened to be between two Australians, so you know naturally a few cans short of a six pack. also a bantamweight fight so neither one of these chicks are over 125 lbs. Who knew two ppl that tiny could produce that much blood. and when I tell you the girls were bloody they were bloody. It started out very sleepy in the first round. Then next thing you know someones got a bloody nose and after that all hell just broke loose. This was one of the most brutal boxing matches I’ve seen and it didn’t even lead to a tko. Me myself I would’ve seen all that blood pouring from my face and would’ve hit the mat immediately on some my neck, my back type shit. I have never been punched in the face before, but they really had me clutching my non-existent pearls like I personally was at risk of severe CTE, memory loss or the inability to spell my own name. I really do feel like at some point they should have stopped this fight because the cut man was doing his best with his lil jar of vaseline and q tip, but that cut on neekz head was steadily turning into a hole. and at some point aint shit you can do with that but call up an ambulance and a prayer circle. There was a lot of tension and shit talk leading up to this fight as these things go, but this was a bit too far. anyway i’ma make this short, y’all. wear your helmets and dont piss off small Australian women.

  5. rodimusprime

    Statement from KeyBank on its sponsorship of the Portland Timbers/Portland Thorns.




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