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TNO 191: Gotta Touch Em All!

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, 17 year old behind GTA hack arrested, Caleb McLaughlin, Hugh Jackmen returning as Wolverine, Disney wants a new Star Wars game every 6 months, Armor Wars is now a movie, Jurassic World Dominion producer admits there shouldn’t have been sequels, Stadia shutdown was unexpected by devs and employees, Solar Opposites renewed, Vox Machina renewed, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur renewed, Ezra Miller filming The Flash reshoots, Rings of Power season 2 could take years, TwitchCon foam pit injuries, TJ Miller says Ryan Reynolds was mean to him, Delta will offer VTOL planes to airport, Sydney Sweeney to star in Barbarella, Cartoon Network may be under threat, Recast T’Challa movement address by Black Panther 2 producer, Netflix ad tier, Game Pass made 2.9 billion, Sword and Shield losing support, Harrison Ford at Thunderbolt Ross, Nintendo settles with ex QA worker, Activision hit with another sexual harassment lawsuit, Sony buys GameStop Stock market movie, The Mummy 4, Xbox cloud gaming coming to Meta Quest, Blade movie put on pause, PS5 shipments up 400%, Titans season 4, Deathloop is part of Dishonored Universe, Harley Quinn special,  Velma is gay and Ell Fanning will star in Hideo Kojima’s next game.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Nerd Off Crew,

    I hope all is well.

    My partner put me onto this animated show called “The Owl House” and shit is delightful, dark and very endearing. Also had me doing the Leo Pointing Meme several times at LGBTQ characters. It kinda reminds me of Gravity Falls in animation style but with more darkness around the edges, especially the protagonist. My only problem is I’m about to catch up to the current release schedule, which is honestly a great problem to have lmao. I’m late to everything and slow to get into things cuz I value my time so much. And circling back to the LGTBQ character thing: unlike Gravity Falls (which I also enjoyed), queer representation is very clear. I guess Disney lightened up since Gravity Falls was out?

    I went back in y’all archives several years ago and checked: Rod, you partying off Chadwick Bosman getting cast as Black Panther is still fucking hilarious. I’m not ready for what I’m about to see but I’m fucking excited for all the different emotions I’m to feel and this fucking movie. Also, this nigga Namor look a fucking *PROBLEM* and I’m excited to see him on screen. Tenoch Huerta was good in Narcos: Mexico as Raffa but lord he wasn’t looking like *that* in Narcos. Marvel strength and conditioning program is undefeated and I count him having the flying winged shows as yet another small detail that celebrates how far we’ve come in comic book movies. I remember as a whippersnap wondering why Tobey McGuire’s Spiderman had natural webshooters and now we got Namor in winged shoes! What a fucking time to be alive.

    I’ve been playing College Football Revamped on my jail broken PS3, out here doing impossible things like winning a national championships at Georgia Tech and Tulane and I’m excited for when EA releases their new college football game. I cannot understate how much I am looking forward to saying the feeling has been restored as I’m out here cutting immobile white QBs from my team (take that shit to Iowa, son) and probably forking over my money for jersey packs.

    That reminds me: is there any fan group with as inverted a relationship between their vocal passion and actual knowledge of how the thing got made than video game fans? Why do y’all think Gamers TM are so profoundly head-in-they-ass stupid?

    I hope y’all have a great week and stay nerdy!




    Hey gang. So I did something I’ve never done in my life & that’s watch the first 8 Friday The 13th.

    Rod, I know you don’t like horror films and in the case of Jason, I can definitely see why. They’re all just Camping Anthologies with Jason killing teens for sport. They all stunk. Seeing Julius fatigue himself and get an instant Fatality in Jason Takes Manhattan from Voorhies was chuckle worthy.

    I also started playing the 2013 Tomb Raider, I see why these games in the series are the best in the series. I don’t even think it’s close. Going in a more free-roamimg route adds to the drama, where the originals or the first rebooted series missed the mark. Even the controls are great. Tomb Raider games weren’t ever known for their control schemes, since controlling Lara always felt like a brick. Can’t wait to play the other two.

  3. SheetRock215

    Greetings Nerds,

    Well, looks like DC finally has the inclination to start drafting a rough outline of a plan (Just kidding, sort of). As a person who wants both DC and Marvel to be in top form, I’m flat out optimistic about the hiring of James Gunn and Peter Safran as co-CEOs of DC Studios. I have loved James Gunn’s creative vision on anything comic book property he’s made so far. I feel like he’s done enough for me to trust him and have hope for DC films moving forward.

    I mean, there’s got to be some sunshine coming over the horizon if Henry Cavill decided to leave the Witcher series. This was sad but not that shocking news. There were reports that Cavill had disagreements about the deviations the writers took from the source material. Plus, I imagine Superman is a more iconic role and a bigger bag.

    But y’all…Andor…NIGGA.
    Rogue One is one of my favorite Star Wars movies but way back when they announced that Cassian Andor was getting his own show, I turned my nose up wondering who asked for this. Fam, I was so wrong for being dismissive. This show EXCEEDS expectations. You got bad guys who truly believe they are protecting order and good guys considering loss of innocent life a necessary for rebellion. And the commentary on fascism is *chef’s kiss*. This show is in the gray and living in it. Might be on it’s way to being my favorite Star Wars TV show. I enthusiastically recommend this show if you are a Star Wars fan, burnt out on Star Wars, or just curious.

    I have a few game I’m playing that y’all may want to check out. On GamePass for console, I am trying out Persona 5 Royal. This game was originally a PS exclusive and lauded as one of the best JRPGs. I’m only a few hours in and it’s fine. Still getting used to the Persona system but the story presentation and daily activities can be engaging. Speaking of games that are jobs, I’ve been playing Hardspace: Shipbreaker. You basically demolish space ships and recycle the material in zero gravity. Good game to listen to podcasts to while you play.

    In games not on GamePass, I recently picked up Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous on console. I’ve been waiting on this one for a while as it’s discussed as best in the computer RPG genre. I’m having a blast but I should provide the caveat that it’s still buggy with the developers constantly putting out patches. Other than that, just waiting on God of War: Ragnarok. Maybe we can revisit my “Who’s the better dad: Joel from TLOU or Kratos?” question haha.

    Have a good one y’all,

  4. athom023

    Hey y’all,

    I just wanted to say that I started watching Hanna after Rod suggested it. Babyyyy, these impossible white women are undefeated! I also just love the Marissa Weigler character and her constant stank face. It’s the best when she smiles in front of the enemy and immediately goes to stank once they turn their head.

  5. Sean

    The new Velma series is off the rails…
    Listen, I just want the Scoobie Doo I grew up with:
    Fred is gay
    Daphne is ace (but sometimes plays Fred’s beard)
    Velma is bi
    and Shaggy is a pansexual trust-fund baby who self-medicates his psychosis through weed, an eating disorder, and genetically engineered comfort animal that can talk.

    Why do they have to change everything!
    I mean I am fine with them making Velma ABCD Indian/Bangladeshi, Daphne ABC Taiwanese, and Norville (Shaggy) Black American… but messing with their sexualities? Those were key aspects of their characters (although I don’t know why so many people thought that there were any straight characters in the van, I mean come on..)

    • Sean

      Edit: I am aware that based on the Hanky code symbolism, Fred is gay and into fisting (giving and receiving) and Daphne is lesbian, but only interested in one-night stands… But she still always presented as Ace from my perspective…

  6. RoninRaphael

    Hello Fantastic Nerds,

    It’s so good to hear that Vox Machina got renewed for an extra season. After She-Hulk’s Meta ending I don’t even entertain any questions about how Deadpool shall be treated. In K.E.V.I.N I Trust, never doubted the MCU but man I did pause and wonder what had happened to my screen when I saw the MCU menu before I realized what was happening. She-Hulk could have popped into my living room (I wish) and I would have been like “ma’am forget about that fight let’s just chill.” Hopefully, I would have caught up and finished Rings of Power by the time you are reading this. I’m excited for Moongirl too. Finally, I’m always happy for my fellow African brethren who are finally getting the long overdue recognition. Too many Nigerians are online spewing dangerous stuff, some pointing to Wakanda as proof that we are supposed to be rulers of everybody Black. I ain’t got time for that, gimme more Sampa the Great, I want to know and hear from the rest of the continent. Stay nerdery!

  7. trojanscooter

    Hello Nerds. Hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to comment about the Black Adam movie. I heard one of the panelist say, “He’s done a bad job of promoting this movie” and needed to say that’s an unfair statement. I’ve been seeing promo across various media platforms for the better part of a year. I remember outlets such as Variety, CBR, Comicbook dot com, and the Hollywood Reporter cover the film throughout that time period as well. In the past last day five years, the generally sentiment I’ve heard from fans of comics and comic books properties a lot of complaining and rants about DC live action cause “they can’t do it like Marvel”. I get it but if Warner Bros copied everything those same people would say “Do something different/original”. Also many of the complainers haven’t watched Shazam!, shitted on Birds of Prey, talk like Gunn’s The Suicide Squad wasn’t a good ass movie. They also act like Peacemaker wasn’t good, and that the CW gave them years of entertainment. Back to the promotion comment, whenever a podcaster says “It wasn’t promoted” I take a look at the Twitter and podcast pages. Many of them have been watching Marvel and Star Wars content so how they know about the commercials and banners during live events? How would they know Adam made an appearance in League of Super-Pets if they’ve only been consuming content from one company?

    During a recap of She-Hulk, DPalm said he wished people who didn’t enjoy certain content wouldn’t review it. That’s been my sentiment for years now. When something is not for me, I say nothing and allow others to enjoy themselves. Why can’t those people do the same?

    Enjoyed the show!

  8. Itsmee

    Hi fellow nerds. Listening to ep. 191 and just wanted to say you put me on to New Rockstars and they are my new Fav (after you all of course.) Everyday I am watching one of their shows, because I’m deep in these nerd streets/shows. I have a couple other YouTubers I watch and have been watching for a while, and I notice the difference. Even my old fav just ain’t up to par anymore, but I still like his content. It’s everything Rod and Karen said, they’re fun and insightful. Also I can’t remember if you said you watched Sandman Rod? But it’s a beautiful show and in my opinion really good. Never read the graphic novels/ books. But I’m hooked to the show. I say this because you said you wouldn’t have anything to replace Hot D or Rings of Power. It’s not high fantasy but really good. And really those shows have their own lane that can’t really be “filled” or replaced, they just leave you wanting more. Anywho, I’ll let you to other comments. Sorry for going so long. Love the show, love all your shows and recommend you all to everyone. Byeee

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