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2618: Love Us And Lie To Us

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Mary

    I bristled about the implication and criticism that Biden isn’t doing enough and should be blamed for not fixing things that are completely are not within his power or jurisdiction (i.e., a state matter). This old white man has low key been passing the most radical shit that is helping people in real-life and practical ways. One example you brought up are the pardons for weed convictions. I spent a few years volunteering at a legal aid clinic helping people to expunge bullshit convictions on their records like weed and other low-grade stuff like shoplifting. These convictions had prevented these people from having a baseline decent life. One woman – who had already spent 15 years in prison – needed an expungement to get a job to be a school bus driver. Another woman, just wanted to keep custody of her grandchild but her past convictions were being brought up in family law court. And one person, well, he had a job and housing, but he just wanted his damn dignity back. Having that albatross around your neck weighs on you and your self-worth, and this man just wanted to be clear of his past. Anyway, all this to say, Biden did a good thing, and has done good things and will undoubtedly do more if it’s in his power.

    Let’s go vote!


  2. gemdroper

    Hello Queen Karen and King Regent Rod! The conversation about politics made me come over here to say my piece.

    Saying that the Dems and Republicans are the same and that you would rather vote for a third party or don’t vote at all, reminds me of those white folks who said that we were living in a post-racial society when Obama was our president. We don’t live in a utopian society. Choices are for a society where there isn’t a loud contingent hoping to see anyone anti to their beliefs end up losing all of their rights. If folks aren’t realizing how close we are to reverting to the 1950 ‘s right now, then they surely aren’t paying attention. We already have a corrupt SCOTUS standing in the way of progress. At this point, we cannot be rooting for just a Dem president, but for a Dem House, a Dem Senate, Dem state legislatures and Dem local boards, in order to keep the rights that our forefathers fought for in the past decades. This is dire and we are on the precipice of chaos if we don’t stand tougher to stop the Republicans from gaining or regaining any power moving forward i. The foreseeable future.

    We don’t have the luxury right now to ‘weigh options.’ Weighing options and throwing away votes are for peace time. Did you not see how Aemond was knocking back morning stars in the training yard and Alicent was flaunting her religious values all over the castle?!? While we’ve been sitting around Dragonstone for six years learning High Valerian?!? Learning a dead language ain’t gonna win battles! Preparing to show up and show out wins battles! And yes, I’m likening the Hightower fraction to the Republicans and Rhae Rhae’s fraction to progressives, but I digress…

    Our political system has cruelly dealt us a 2-party system. Yea, it sucks, but it is what it, and we have to figure out a way to work with it in the state that it’s currently in to help us all.

    Anyhoo, apologies for the rant. Politics gets me heated. Thanks for doing what you both do and keep up the great work!

  3. DrUzo82

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    The feedback shows are always filled with gems, but that Terrance and Phillip reference made me smile as Vamond lost his top in defense of… An Unclefucker. That’s all. Love the show!

  4. ApiafromGermany

    If I had to vote for one of four people on a list without further information and it was a black man, black woman, white man, white woman, I would vote for the black women.
    The probability of her being insane and entitled is the least in my opinion. It’s not 0, but the best bet.

    I said it before, Joe Biden is better in presidenting ( I made this word up ) than I expected. It’s annoying that when he does something good people are like: why didn’t he do more ?

    I tell you something from my exciting life. Besides my normal job I’m the ethics, risk and compliance expert and trainer in my company for my region. ( I’m a wild girl! I’m not the one making the rules but the link between the company and the employees)
    After we complained a lot, a terrible SOP regulating event facilities was replaced by a way better one. Really better. I did the training and was pretty happy about it. After my training one of my colleagues, Stefan (who is a doctor of chemistry and smart) complained that it’s still bad, because he still has to think and fill out forms. “ well, good luck waiting for that to change Stefan, I’m starting to get mad!!!” I said. And I’m not even facing some election. Who else would do this extra work, not Stefan that’s for SURE.
    So I get it Joe Biden. I feel you.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Great show as always. I enjoy listening to the live feedback show a lot! Today I was even on time.
    As I said, great show but you views on Celsius and Fahrenheit are just sad. But I’m here to help you!
    My first strategy today didn’t work out unfortunately. I googled “was Fahrenheit racist?” And got no results. So he was probably just regular racist for his time, nothing extra. But I learned something new. Fahrenheit was a German scientist who was born in Poland. Do you know who else has this life experience? Your friend Apia. So he is my people. My judgment should count more here, like your judgment of Kanye seems more legit than mine.
    And I say, lieber Herr Fahrenheit, no.

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