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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod& Bassey,

    Yeah ……On the “Snipe Hunt” episode I’m not so sure I believe that Earn now really wants to be with Van in a relationship capacity. Now I don’t mind that they went this route with these two characters but it’s still hard to believe after remembering how Earn acted toward Van in the German festival episode from Season 2 I believe??? That episode pretty much made it seem like they were done romantically .

    The character of Van seems to be a slight blind spot for Donald and the rest of the Atlanta writers in that it seems that no one wanted to write for the character of Van. To me I still don’t know enough about Van other than she is mixed , was a teacher , likes Drake and is Lottie’s mom….lol . I always felt an easy way to give us background on Van would have been (in the German festival episode) is not have her mixed best friend in the episode but maybe have her parents in the episode at the festival and then we could have been given instant background on “WHO EXACTLY IS VANESSA? HOW DO THEY FEEL ABOUT HER BEING WITH EARN? “and received more than just surface level info on her.Kudos to the young actress who played Lottie -not sure if that was the same young kid from the Kirkwood Chocolate episode but whoever that kid was they did a great job!

    But anyways on this episode I can just say I didn’t hate it or love it , but I didn’t mind it lol
    Also the Sade intro and outro songs were a great touch. To me all I’m left with after watching this episode is “ I mean I guess .” Lol

    Thanks again

  2. rodimusprime

    I just listened to this YouTube reviewer read the title of episode 4 as “Light Skinned Ed”
    Like Ed Edd and Eddy. Like AAVE be kicking folks ass and more proof that I just need to listen to y’all bc folks reviewing a show and missing everything.
    I truly laughed out loud. Sir, who is Ed?


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