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BDS 459: The Real Killers

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the Dan Snyder controversy, James Bouknight arrested, Deshaun Watson facing new accusation, Dikembe Mutombo diagnosed with brain tumor, Robert Kraft gets married, Jordan Poole gets money, Draymond Green documentary about punch, Julio Jones thief arrested, Russell Wilson, Ice Cube says NBA out to destroy Big 3, Christian McCaffrey traded, gymnast posting Joe Burrow, Quentin Hines brings stripper to HS, Stephen A gaff, Travis Kelce staying with the Blacks, OJ Simpson’s latest thoughts and Black Friday NFL Football.

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  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jos Angeles Lakers,

    I hope all is well.

    Which is wilder: 5 games into the NBA season and LeBron already started with the IG posts about his teammates or Pat Bev having to tell Anthony Davis to put his hands in the air block shots? I hadn’t considered a league wide tank-off for Victor Wenbanyama til y’all said it last week and now I’m looking forward to the first exec to get caught in 4K being mad their team won a game. My money would be on the Bulls or the Orlando Tragic (that’s shade, not a typo) cuz the Cavs put the fucking screws to both of them! It’s exciting to see the Cavs look *good* and filled with youth.

    I hope the Packers keep losing in creative and nonsense ways for the rest of the season cuz seeing Aaron Rodgers unhappy warms my cold heart. Additionally, he should shave that shit off his face cuz he looks like he steals copper from derelict houses.

    Did y’all see Draymond’s documentary? Y’all have a favorite part? Mine was this line:

    “Four days after his exile, for lack of a better word…”

    They used the fucking word “exile”! For punching out his coworker! In 4k!

    Not since Kwame Kilpatrick blaming racism for his downfall have I heard a less self aware nigga from Michigan all but lying in front god and all the hoes to make himself look better. This is an incredible way to kick off a contract year for a player where he realistically only fits on this one team.

    I hope y’all have a great weekend and thank you for the dope shows as always!



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