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PG 350: Follow This Pole To The Pole

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss little brothers growing up, the upcoming election, Killer Mike, Karen’s first live Peloton class, Beat Saber, Vatican Girl, Sherman’s Showcase is back, fatphobia and listener feedback.


  1. Sofa_King

    I’ve been a premium listener for two years now, and I feel like I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth if I didn’t get to hear Justin’s reaction to the rumored STI outbreak at Bringham Young University from armpit fucking:


  2. RoninRaphael

    What’s good my favorite internet cousins. After the FBI wasted Rod’s documentary watching time. I got something that would cleanse the ewwww away, it got the scams, sex, & ratchet Hwites. “God Forbid: A Scandal That Brought Down A Dynasty” it’s on Hulu. Justin definitely would definitely dig it.

    I got no alcohol today unfortunately as I’m sober from Halloween candy and scamming ratcheting Hwhyties. Hope you all had a good Halloween.

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