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2625: How To Slain Your Dragon

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House Of The Dragon.”

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  1. GreenEyedBandit

    I cannot wait to see the Dance of Dragons unfold and maybe a battle of whisperers? I’m curious what role Larys “Toes Before Bros” Strong will play in the war to come. And I hope The White Worm wasn’t killed off so easily (no body, no death). She can’t be known for just hiding Aegon’s drunk ass in a corner like Denzel in the movie Ricochet. Will be here for the recaps!

  2. DizzyLizzyGyal

    Thank you both SO MUCH for these recaps. They were the highlights of my past few weeks and it feels great to listen and know I won’t hear any book spoilers disguised as predictions!

    I will absolutely be back for season 2 and I’m sure even the folks complaining will be back as well. All that caterwauling about the final season of GOT and yet the first episode of this show broke records so ::Oprah voice:: what is the truth?

    Love yall, thanks for being great!

  3. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I enjoyed Dem Dragons. I can wait for Season two!
    In my John Cutter, aka Wesley Snipes, voice…Always bet on Black!

  4. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Per the poll, if y’all will be there, EYE will be there! You & Karen make the recaps so so FUN! After this episode, I went to HBO to see that last scene – I NEEDED to see the murder in Rhae’s eyes! That episode should’ve ended playing “Knucketh if You Bucketh” lmao, SO GOOD!

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    I’ll be back for the season 2 recaps. Bruh, I can’t tell you how much joy and laughter your recaps bring me. When you said that the Jeffersons and Freemans in pledged allegiance, it took me a whole minute to realize you were joking because all those names on DemDragons sound Black. I’m with Damon thoug, we got Dragon, fuck peace. lol. If I haven’t said it lately, let me say I APPRECIATE YOU ROD AND KAREN.

    Kisha of house BrooklynShoeBabe, 1st and only of her name, defender of the 5 boroughs and library books.

  6. gemdroper

    Chiiiilllee!!!! Season 2 finna be lit!!!

    This episode definitely should have been nicknamed ‘This Could Have Been a Raven’ (RIP to the Strong boy!) And once again, Otto had the audacity to show up to Dragonstone with zero dragons, just riding on a torn book page. Sir, you clearly forgot the feeling of that stink, hot breath of dragon that got released on you at your grandson’s coronation?!? Act like you got some damn sense and a dragon backup plan before you get burnt to the crisp!

    Auntie Rhae was spilling tea and throwing shade for the most of this episode. I respect her decision to ‘stand back and stand by’ until Corlys was ready to bend the knee. That’s power couple moves right there.

    All this ‘my momma said’ had me cackling and picturing that meme of lil
    Cardi B saying that repeatedly to all these grown folk. It was really a good reminder that these are some inexperienced babies getting thrown into a conflict brought about by their parents and grandparents. The loss of Luce is about to harden a lot of these young hearts before their primes as this war begins.

    As much as I hate to say it, even as a DV survivor, I’m siding with Rod and Daemon with this one. Still, fuck Daemon for that yoking up…but he does have a point. Ugh! I hate to say it. Trying to remind myself that this is fictional and I can’t take this too seriously.

    Anyhoo…the men of Westeros all reek of varying degrees of toxic masculinity and could do with some good therapy…and a reading tutor for the Baratheon Lord.

    I’m rooting for the Blacks in the coming war. However, I won’t mind wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Vaemond had a point’ in the meantime – merch idea?

    Thank you both for the a great season of HoD recaps and keep up the great work that you do!

  7. coquinegra

    I swore I wasn’t going to watch #HoD, but then my play cousins from NC decided to recap, so here I am. If I’m here in 18 months when season 2 comes out, I’ll be back.

  8. Mwangangi

    Of course I’ma be back for season two. Shit. It might be the only TV show that I actually watch with y’all! Too bad Arrax couldn’t breathe at the correct temperature — him and Lucerys might’ve been able to escape…


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