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2624: Winterfest

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Kanye West, bikini baristas win lawsuit, progressive dems withdraw letter to Biden over Ukraine, LGBTQ News, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    If they dont LEAVE WOMEN ALONE! DAMN.

  2. drichards14

    I just checked out your Amazon wishlist. Is that updated? Y’all really just want books and coat hangers? Just checking. I’m feeling spendy.

  3. Mdiarra

    Also the progressive letter to Biden was such an unforced error. If I didn’t know better I feel like they WANTED to tank the Democrats chances to win both the house and senate. One of the worst stances ive had with Anti-war leftists is the fact that they don’t care or analyze the difference in wars. All they ever see is that America is on one side and thats enough for them to side with whatever is on the other side. I get it america is an imperialistic superpower. but there are other ones like Russia that have a LOT less integrity with the way they move. Folks were mad about the way the US was in Syria, but once we left Russia moved in and did a lot fucking worse.

    I know a lot of the progressive caucus have been dealing with anti war leftists breaking into their town halls and yelling about them supporting sending money to Ukraine. so maybe they felt that pressure. Those folks to me felt a lot like the anti CRT protestors. organized and paid chaos agents.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    My grandfather was also part of the Hitler Youth. He was 14 and this was the mandatory Youth Organisation for boys, my grandmother was in the same Organisation for girls. Im sure he wasnt some progressive person but also not some Nazi mastermind at 14. And now what. The other set of grandparents only wasn’t because they were too old. My other grandfather was forced to fight in the German army in Russia and got his feet partially frozen off. It’s not like they had lots of choice. Hitler youth or Hilter shot in the head. I promise you I will never join a Hitler anything because I have the choice.

    • Mdiarra

      Oh I get your point and thank you for the context. I just know that in the US, that context would be lost, and folks wouldn’t care that they may have been forced or not. All they will see is the fact that they participated in that organization. Maybe that clarification would work in Germany, but that context is definitely lost in the US.

      • ApiafromGermany

        I get it! That’s why maybe it’s good to have some context. People know that about every teenager HAD to be in this organization. I just checked it, it was 98%.
        They had 8 million members. So being a member there wasnt the sensation you think it would be. I absolutely believe that many people fully supported Hilter and loved his philosophy but when I comes to children and youths who were forced into it, I don’t see it that way. It’s like asking 14 year olds ” why didn’t you leave your crazy cult?”

      • ApiafromGermany

        In our family documents from that time every stamp sign is a swastika sign. Is it because my grandparents demanded it? Of course not. You went to the town hall for anything, this was the stamp they put on anything. Would I show those documents for example in America today people would think I was some impressive nazi heir.
        And it gets even “funnier”
        My family always lived in the area between Germany and Poland where the nationality changed very often, people were classified into levels of being German. ( seems not problematic at all!)
        They got Nr1 of 4! Wow. And now I do the 23 and me test and am 80% Eastern European, other stuff and 0 % Western European. ( German)
        And people always ask me where I’m from and tell me I look to dark to be from Poland or Germany. ( sorry) Things are complicated. All I can say is that im definitely actively not a Nazi and never will be.

        • Mdiarra

          We know ur not a Nazi. U paid the $16 dollars to rod. I think that cleared up any questions about that!

          • ApiafromGermany

            Thank you for seeing me. And it was even 19.06, so I’m even 3.06 dollars less a Nazi!

  5. Mdiarra

    I wonder how bad his contract was that they own all their rights. Also not so fun fact, The founder of Adidas was part of the Hitler Youth. sooooooo yea they can’t be out here silent on anti-semitism. German or not.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Adidas will not get any praise for dropping him. They could only minimize the backlash and I’m sure they are loosing money now. The question is what is the responsibility of a cooperation in capitalism? I’m not sure. The goal is making money first. But for any price? I hope not. I work for a big company ( no interesting spokesperson here! No drugs created by Jay Z or something! ) and the PR is always very ethical but it’s of course about the money. A product doesn’t work= lay offs.
    They chose Kanye for his power to turn up sales. Not because he was great person.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Oh no. I ment no medical drugs created by Jay Z as a joke because I thought the image of another cool looking and successful rapper and producer in a lab working on medical studies and regulations to create a new heart drug would be amusing. Than I remembered that he used to sell drugs as a young person and that could be seen very differently, like I wanted to attack him. Now I wish I had said Taylor Swift instead.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I think the Kanye stuffing very complicated I think. In my opinion he is mentally ill and also racist ( and other bad things) Not everyone who is bipolar turns to racism. In fact most don’t. We also don’t like it when criminals claim they are mentally ill and that was their reason for violence.

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