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Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod,

    Re: Episode 8

    I think I have to hate the Glovers and everyone involved in this episode. They know A Goofy Movie holds a special place in the hearts of black 90s kids of a certain age. They built a compelling story after a fictional Black radical CEO and by the end I felt sad for him. Who is this dude playing him? I can’t tell if he was really good or the people explaining him were just that good. I mean, when them animators said that man had them redrawing daps, I believed it. He had that look. He had that hair cut! We never really heard his voice, but I feel like they made me know him. They KILLED the documentary style. I felt like I was watching any other documentary on HBO or Hulu. I mean the intimate family stories intertwined with those of professional colleagues, and the random academics interspersed? The use of the time contemporary music along with the pensive music score? The use of scenes from Black movies and tv from the 90’s to contextualize the story? They too good. I hate them for these damn animated shots and the Disney font time cards pushing the story too. They got Brian McKnight and Sinbad in there just for shits and giggles, but it also added a little authenticity. TOO. GOOD.
    But then… then THEY CLOSED WITH I2I??? The Tevin Campbell bop of bops?*tears* Tom Washington definitely would have gotten a Rest in Power. I watched A Goofy Movie again after seeing the episode, which I’m pretty sure was their agenda. They won, y’all. They won.

    Anyway, I hate that this journey is ending so soon after an episode like this, but I’m glad y’all took up this show to review. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


  2. rodimusprime

    I couldn’t figure out my feelings after watching episode 8 of Atlanta. It made me feel uneasy. But I think all these episodes give me that weird feeling. I will have to give Donald Glover his props, because I never understood the connections to your typical White tv sitcoms. He has put black culture through a weird lens that makes me take a honest look at the shenanigans.

    I always wanted to see this movie explained on a deeper level, I just didn’t expect it to go this far, sheesh. I will never watch it the same.

    We all (Black people) may have these conversations or thoughts in our close circles but to see it on the tv screen in this light is the next level.


  3. RoninRaphael

    I knew that this was going to be a good episode at the first “I did not like this episode. ” See why I don’t bother with other recaps when it comes to this show. I am so used to excellence and the boogie life, can’t return back to the ghetto. You guys are just AWESOME!

    Also, special shout-out to Bassey. I saw your tweet about the car accident. Glad that you are okay and thank you for the important lesson that you also taught me from that encounter.

    Back to Atlanta, I was Earn when whatever was in the bag popped out. I would have jumped into Van’s arm or ran past them (judge me later), see why I prefer camping in a well lit place like called hotel!

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