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2623: The New MLK Blvd

Rod and Karen revisit Judge Pinky, Coronavirus News, more Kanye updates, Cardi B and Madonna, MS Daycare workers arrested, man pleads guilty to faking BLM vandalism, poor brown neighborhood gets worst internet deals, GOP wants to narrow who counts as Black, police officer gives drugs to minors, man steals credit card, man jumps into river to avoid cops and sword ratchetness.

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  1. himdeel

    Sword Ratchedness!! Shame Karen, shame! All these episodes and you haven’t been listening to Rod’s almost daily proselytizing and preaching about these unregulated swords out here. It’s truly is a dangerous world! And the EBay sword pimps is waiting and ready to serve up all your legal, yes legal slicing needs. Wake up! Yep I be listening for the gunfire but I also got my ears open for that unmistakable unsheathing sword sound. Ain’t gonna catch me slipping. Thank you Rod!

  2. Mdiarra

    I know we arent supposed to judge apologies. and trust me I try not to. But I felt like that apology from the daycare workers WAS lacking. It seemed to me, and maybe i need to watch the whole 8 minutes. but the clips u shared. they were saying cause they cant beat them kids or punish them they decided to scare them instead? for 2 year olds? as the kids say. BFFR (Be fucking For real)

    • Mdiarra

      And the Be fucking for real is towards the daycare teachers for being clearly wild as hell for that. Should they be charged criminally. That idk. Maybe someone can ask for restorative justice. They can host a public forum with the 2 year olds and see what punishment they want them to receive.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I agree with everything you said about Madonna. She was a pioneer for non apologetic female sexuality!But also when I was younger and she was 45 I thought she was the coolest. Now I feel a bit sad when I see her and how much she has done to her face and body. I know it’s her right and I know if she aged naturally people would also say shit. She aged , how dare she? Still I hope when I’m 64 I will be more comfortable with my appearance and not try so hard. Getting older is still a privilege. A neighbor-friend of mine is just in a hospital and I think she will die very soon from two serious diseases. She is 55. I bet she would love to be 64.

    I wonder what will happen to Kanye in a year. Will he be better? What do you think?
    He did so many awful things in the last months of different kind.

  4. loganch

    I think some the difference in response to Kanye of it is the “severity” of what he’s saying about black people vs Jews. The anti-black stuff he’s said, as far as I know (especially since learning this show TMZ left out the anti-Jew stuff), has been the kind of stuff you can kinda get away with — moving the blame of our oppression onto ourselves — though the slavery is a choice might be limited to coming from a black person. Most of the mainstream racists (who don’t mostly have their own platform) still pull away from directly naming/aiming at Jewish or black people, they’ll go to something like globalists or WOKE and advocate for “America First” and black people needing to fix our culture instead of “complaining”. Kanye shot straight past that with the death/DEF-con shit, no plausible deniability or “I’m just saying”, combined with the ability of mostly everyone to be on the right side of reacting to that by cutting ties and renouncing him, like you said before.

  5. Tommydeee

    You might be on to something when it comes to Obama taking over the MLK naming rights. The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies, also known as Pittsburgh Obama 6-12 was opened in 2009. They didn’t waste any time naming a school after him. He got the school before the Nobel Peace prize.

  6. Sean

    I am sorry that some of my comments over the last couple of weeks, including those in relation to Judge Pinkey, have caused you distress. I am not intentionally trying to incite you and will increase efforts to ensure my comments are informed and appropriate going forward.

    However, I can not stop being weird, as that is against my religion…

    Also, not gonna defend the daycare workers. It’s a hard job (I’ve done it myself), and scaring kids straight is neither effective nor ethical. Fuck those daycare workers, and don’t let them sully Judge Pinkey’s show!

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