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2622: No Bitching Necessary

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Kanye West, cussing in the USA, vegetarians linked to depression, Rick Ross almond milk, airline travel, the world’s hottest gummy bear, Bey stans slam Kelis, city hall aide fired in NYC, teens in white face, Mo Pleasure attacked at nightclub, Candace Owens, Florida man razor attack, bear attacks wrestlers, judge suspended indefinitely and sword ratchetness.

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  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    I’mma keep it real…that judge pissed me off. She was really fucking people over at her whim. Tf? Maybe I’d like a show if she was only presiding over pet disputes or somethin, but maybe not even then.

  2. himdeel

    Kanye…I just hope he can truly get the help he needs and do so in private. I agree with Rod, that should he be in the space to receive whatever it is he needs, he’s going to look back on these years without help in horror, if not deep remorse and regret. He will be a spokesperson for the importance of being actively engaged with and addressing mental health challenges, if he survives his own mania. I will gladly welcome him to therapy with the rest of us cis gendered Black men, like me.

    Now that is out the way! Judge Pinky! Judge Pinky! Don’t you all see what she did. She is auditioning in real life to play the sister of Ava Coleman in Abbot Elementary. I mean couldn’t y’all see her as Ava’s sister?! Pinky’s show has already got scripts and transcripts ready to go. It could be shot cinematically like Abbot the faux documentary and be the spin off we need. Give her a show already! I actually listen to this segment multiple times because it’s just read so damn good!

  3. Mdiarra

    Something ive been seeing on the internet that I sort of agree with that folks have been saying. Besides what yall already said about Kanye, and white folks feeling its not their lane to speak up about anti-blackness. WE (collective we as Black people) never really said “yea were done with him”. And there are very few Black men that we say we are done with them. Kanye said slavery was a choice, and folks had him on. Flew all the way out to WYOMING, just to hang with him, went to his church service. Were foaming at the mouth for his Donda launch party… DURING A PANDEMIC. Many of the folks who are like woww white folks got him out the paint for anti-semitism, but didnt for anti-blackness. meanwhile yall had this man on Howard homecoming with a MAGA hat on. I know folks want to say WE dont have the power to “cancel” somebody. But I truly believe if Black folks especially Black industry folks decided, yea im not gonna have him on the music festival I run. Not gonna invite him to howard homecoming, not invite him to outlets we have a say on whats acceptable. I think maybe folks outside the culture would’ve maybe seen that shit and followed suit. And even now, with him finally getting some level of deplatforming and cancellation, we’re seeing folks talking about “we have to defend Ye”. Why??? Unless you’re trying to get him medicated and some help nothing else will be beneficial.

  4. earnestdotcom

    – Rick Ross

  5. Yaytoonday

    Omigosh that judge! The only thing I kept thinking was “Ava from Abbott Elementary as a Judge”! It’s so wild in real life.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I absolutely can tell you that I’m not comfortable commenting on Kanye being awful to black people. Remember the discussions about Will Smith? On the KATG forums for example people got in trouble for saying that violence is not great ever. Were told that they don’t know about the struggle and so on. I always thought that Kanye could only say this shit because he was a famous, rich, black man. All three attributes are the key here. He is used to be called a genius and has only yes men around him I suppose. People want a piece of his fame and money. And they want him to be their “black friend” who says their racist behavior it ok.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    What the hack?
    Im here to comment and there are already 5 comments on the side? I have to be quicker I guess.

    We had a huge spike in Covid here, that spike seams to be going down again, let’s hope it keeps going down. To my surprise I didn’t get it for the second time so far and I was able to make an appointment for the omicron a booster in 10 days.
    I would say I’m in rather high danger of getting Covid as I go to physicians to talk to them about heart diseases what to do about them and meet tons of Covid positive people on my way. And I have smaller kids. The good thing: you can only go into doctors offices and hospitals wearing the good masks. It’s a law here.
    What’s also interesting, many physicians I know haven’t had Covid yet and if they had it they got it in private. So surprise! The masks work.

  8. Sean

    For Judge Pinkey:

    Informing people without representation that they can plead no contest instead of guilty is the right thing to do. Reprimanding her for that seems kinda fucked up. It will offer some protection against civil suits.

    The only real problem with her behavior was her handling of the pandemic period. Most of the stuff seems to have been reasonable and she would definitely be fun to watch.

    I mean she’s still more qualified, competent, and appropriate than anyone appointed by Trump…

    • rodimusprime

      Oh sure, if you ignore the bribes, the violation of covid protocols, the inappropriate comments in the courtroom then it’s not a big deal at all.

      • Sean

        I said I was not down with the CoViD BS. In addition, I believe that she was in trouble for joking about bribes, not actually taking bribes.

        As far as what is “inappropriate”, that seems like a very vague area. I am fine with judges having a (non-racist) sense of humor on the bench, so long as they are just, fair, and competent. Her court, her rules (within limits).

        • rodimusprime

          And forging signatures of prosecutors who weren’t there. Totally fine. Nothing illegal, unethical or shady about that. She wasn’t just “informing people without representation.”

          oh Sean.

          • Sean

            She wasn’t accused of forging signatures, she was accused of falsely attributing charge amendments to prosecutors. Still bad, but not of the same degree.

            Listen, she did some fucked up shit — especially her absurd actions in response to the administrative order to suspend courthouse activity to prevent the spread of CoViD-19 — but I just have two points.

            • rodimusprime

              Nope too long. Deleted.

              Definition of forgery: an act of forging especially: the crime of falsely and fraudulently making or altering a document

  9. Sean

    Real quick, about the CoViD rat-killing experiment.
    Basically, they were testing whether the spike proteins had an effect on mortality and morbidity beyond its effect to increase how contagious it is.
    Basically, the spike protein is the Virus’ lock pick. In most cases the type of lock pick a murderer uses may effect whether they can enter the house, but will not effect how effective their weapon is. However, if the lock pick of choice were plastic explosive, it just may change the equation.
    They found that the different spike proteins were both lock picks and did not have a significant impact on mortality or morbidity.

    It is important research, but was reported in a way that made it sound fucked up.

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