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BDS 460: Robot Arm Emoji

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the NBA standings, tanking, Von Miller tipping Twitch women, Devante Adams mocks cameraman, podcaster claims Lebron be cheating, NFL player arrested for not leaving women’s restroom, Brittney Griner appeal rejected, Donda Sports losing athletes, Matt Ryan done for the year, fishermen plead not guilty to weighting down fish, Eric Bledsoe arrested, fake Russell Wilson quote, Gisele gives Tom ultimatum, Deebo Samuel accused of cheating, Dez Bryant defends Kanye, Brittany Mahomes baby shower, Deshaun Watson releases accusers text messages, Antonio Brown selling t-shirts, Iggy Azalea calls out Raiders reporter, former Green Bay TE arrested, Lakers interested in Rozier, Stephen A mocks Kyrie, Larsa Pippen quits OnlyFans, Nick Young says Big 3 missing payments, Kyrie defends Ben Simmons, La La will never marry again.


  1. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen, Jyrie Irving,

    I have to apologize. I had replied to your tweet about the NBA players being quiet. I had mentioned how I felt about Lebron’s silence. The next thing I know my notifications were on fire and I didn’t respond because it seemed like everyone from Lebron haters to the Kyrie and Black Hebrew Israelites came out of the woodwork. Twitter is hard to get your point across when that happens because it feels like the Price is Right where everyone is screaming their opinion. But I do think it is disappointing that all the NBA players have been silent on the matter especially since they are the ones who were so passionate in both Sarver and Sterlings incidents and saying that there should be zero tolerance for racism.I also don’t buy the excuse that they don’t talk about other players because Draymond and Patrick Beverly have made a second career out of doing that while being active NBA players. However what I find disappointing about Lebron and even Jaylen Brown is that they both seem to want to be athletes who speak out against racism. So for them to be quiet now is pretty telling. Also I don’t know rather to feel sorry for the Nets or just laugh at the ineptness they have shown. Who have taken the stance of beating controversy by adding more controversy. I don’t know what you do with someone like Kyrie because they always double down and he can’t avoid the media forever. Also Johnathan Primo has to be coasting on this Kyrie stuff. As always, enjoy the show.


    Obviously, I don’t need to attach a “J” to ol’ sanctimonious ass Kyrie Irving, since others have already done it already. Long story short, I’m pissed. Really pissed. He’s not sorry for his promotion of the video, he’s not even sorry for being duped by it. He believes this shit and the Nets haven’t gotten rid of this dummy, who continues to put his flat-earther foot in his mouth.

    You can be anti-Semitic and black, just like you can be Jewish and racist. It’s all bad. Oppression Olympics only benefits those who are racist and ignorant partying off this shit and Kyrie is sadly aiding and abetting this shit.

    I’m actually not even that mad Adam Silver, the more I think about it. I’m not even mad Kyrie and the Nets donated to the ADL. Whatever, fine.

    Where the fuck are the players on this? Lebron? Jimmy Butler? Luka Doncic? None of them have spoken out about this and it actually angers me. Kyrie’s actions make the players look bad by extension because his lies on Jews are framing the narrative. He’s talking about how he doesn’t hate anybody. I’m sick of players like him, DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson doing the whole “I don’t hate anybody” while framing families and victims of one of the biggest atrocities in history. Niggas sound like white dudes who make the “I love everybody” speeches but never admit fault. Motherfuckers were never specific in their apologies. Not once. He’s not fucking helping. Idiocy that he’s flaunting kills people. It historical has killed people. Propaganda kills the people it victimizes. Always has and always will. Fuck Kyrie and fuck the ignorant assholes caping for him. It’s fucking shameful and fucking scary.

    People like him irk me. A useful moron who makes bigots and Nazis smile ear to ear, who not only makes one group look terrible by extension he makes us look bad. He’s gotta go ASAP.

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jyrie Irving,

    I hope all is well.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being that Popeye’s worker sitting on the bench at the height of that sandwich, how stressed do y’all think the Brooklyn Net’s HR and PR departments are?

    Pick N Roll Dr. Sebi aka Kyrie Irving was throwing antiemetic rocks and hiding his hands when that reporter called him out on it, but to have the au-fucking-dacity to tell the reporter to not dehumanize him by asking this nigga why he’d share some shit like on his social media!? What an intellectually shiftless and unserious asshole.

    I ain’t giving the Nets credit for not having Kyrie talk to the media after the following game but I guess they ain’t have a better option? I say that cuz did y’all hear 3 and D Tariq Nasheed stopping short of actually apologizing? Dis nigga smdh.

    Steve Nash finally got fired and then the Nets hired 1st Team HR Violation All Star Ime Udoka. Somehow the Nets have taken like 2 to 3 seasons of Knicks-grade nonsense and crammed it all in 2 weeks. Truly amazing. Why would the Nets hire Udoka in the first place? Are they trying make up for not hiring him back when they first had a chance? This roster is more disjointed and poorly assembled than Kevin Durant’s scalp, so how is that gonna fix the product on the floor?

    I hope y’all have a great weekend and thanks as always for the enjoyable week of shows. Always a fun throughline for my week.



  4. Mdiarra

    Also idk if yall are gonna talk about the way D-wades ex wife is talking about their daughter Zaya on here or LGBT news. But I hope that child has a lot of therapists and support, cause the way social media talks about that her. and now her own mother, who from outside looking in, doesn’t seem to be that involved in that childs life, to claim that shes being abused and forced to transition for fame? The level of sadness I feel for Zaya. just trying to live her truth and seemingly happy. Is wild. Prayers for them.

  5. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jyrie Irving,

    Can’t believe we still out here dealing with Kyrie like he is a serious individual. I wish folks would treat that man like Herschel walker. an idiot who shouldn’t be considered a seriously. I wish we could just call this man an idiot. Most Black Americans who have been in proximity to Blackness know at least a few of these type of Hotep ass “we were the real jews” ass niggas. Im just tired, and the weak response by the Nets, NBA players association, and NBA as a whole has been wild to me.
    At this point Imma side with the conservatives on this one. and have them shut up and dribble cause this policy where Black people feel like they NEED to defend someone cause they Black and White people are mad, is getting embarrassing.

  6. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod,Karen, and Justin primo!

    Just wanna say! “PUT THAT THING AWAY MAN”

    Joshua primo got cut from the San Antonio for showing his “spur”, unsolicited, to women!!!

    Now he can watch what happens when they take away his game! There will be nothing else to do Sal!!

    You guys have a great weekend!
    I’ve been out the loop for a few weeks and playing catch up, but you know I have to write in still

    One love
    Fyah works out

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