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2626: Team Daycare

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Mike

    Nice to see that after all these weeks of temperature debate someone finally mentioned Kelvin, the system that scientists actually use. I’d write a lengthy explanation of why it’s better than both Celsius and Fahrenheit, but instead I’m gonna go out and enjoy the lovely 294K weather.

    • Sean

      I like Kelvin (Celsius + 273.15), but it’s kinda like me using the hexcode for the color of Rod’s hat in this week’s logo, 6954bb. Sure, it is more accurate, but there are very few of us that could understand what you are talking about (you’d be surprised how few people use hexcode to talk about colors)… Just say that Rod’s wearing a blue violet hat in the image and that you are enjoying 21 degree weather, or 69 and a half degree weather (depending on if you are in the rest of the world or the US [and not taking a science class in the US where you will have to use Celsius and/or Kelvin]).

      Listen it’s kinda like Android and Apple. Yes, Android is empirically the better system and used by more people, but in the US and Japan a lot of people prefer to use the lesser platform. I don’t care if you’re listening to an indoor podcast or an outdoor podcast. Okay. Love who you want to love. Live how you want to live. Do whatever you need to do.

      Can’t we all just get along?

  2. tonefromdagrouphome

    Apparently we’ll mess with some Dixie. They have sprinkled all these Dixie Queens (no relation) all over the Memphis area, some in the same hood as Church’s. Every review I love heard refers to the goodness of their wings. I found myself in the drive thru but couldn’t do it.

  3. Sean

    Sheeat, I think that I remember that TWiB episode about the handcuffed kid. That’s from the beforetimes. I think that episode may have been the first time I heard your voice. Time does fly…

  4. ApiafromGermany

    One more thing.
    You say you love Fahrenheit because the numbers seem bigger.
    Ok, so give up the inches and feet for starters.

    In centimeters I’m 176 tall. That’s 5´9 and a bit or something. The first sounds way taller.
    A 7 inch penis would be almost 18 cm.
    Would you like your penis to be 7 something long or 18? Unless your penis is already 18 inches, but this sounds painful.
    That’s why I heard that even in America people say a 5k run also. Being able to run 5 sounds better than 3.1!

  5. ApiafromGermany

    So we agree about Kanye. It’s misch masch. I didnt want to bring this up so krass but if a mass shooting happens we wouldn’t like it if people went to ” he was clearly mentally ill, how sad for him”. ( as they sometimes do)
    I bet Alex Jones has some mental problems too. And I can only see him as a piece of shit. I have also dealt with depression and was in therapy btw.
    So all I can say is that it’s complicated.
    What I also find interesting is that I agree with your opinion more than with the opinion of any other media. How interesting. With your growing up in the sad world of Fahrenheit, still turned out the coolest.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Rod I didn’t even think about it but it’s true! When I was really depressed and couldn’t sleep I had the body lots of people envied me for. So many people asked me what my secret was. I got so many compliments. The secret was being so anxious and depressed that every day was a struggle.
    Hey but I looked like a model! Now I remember I thought for the first time in my life at that time that I would gladly take 15 kg ( 31 pounds or whatever) plus if it ment stopping feeĺing so so bad.

    • ApiafromGermany

      I also remember than before that people, also remote family members loved to tell me I’m pretty but I would be really beautiful and could make money with my looks if I lost 20 pounds. While I was I law school! To learn stuff and make a living eventually! I never expressed any intention in using my looks for money but people told me this shit anyway.

    • angelbabie

      I feel that too! I’m currently dealing with a stomach issue for the last couple of months and I’ve lost like 30 pounds so far dealing with it and it scares me. Family members tell me I should take it as a positive because I’m losing post-baby weight a couple of years later. Like I would never want anyone to go through what I’m going through because it’s hard to get through a day without stomach pains and stuff.

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