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TTM 107: It Was All A Dream

Rod and Bassey recap Atlanta.

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  1. rodimusprime

    I know this is super late, because I’m just now getting to these episodes. 

    On Atlantic Station, I had so many folks reference that episode when it aired here because getting lost in that parking lot is a thing.  

    In the 2nd episode about the Homeliest Horse, there seemed to be another trend that you two didn’t mention, so I don’t know if you thought about it. Both Linda and her friend seemed to daydream about being with Black men. But at least in Linda’s job, she had a reputation for being difficult with Black people.

    With Sasha, Earn was a close friend until he had a chance to go to the party with the girl he crush on, and then things changed. She told him to go to the party, she would keep his suit and then he could go straight to the interview, so she knew just how important it was. It seemed that the ghosting, and then flippant response about not being around was intentional. Which made me wonder if she was enamored with him the way that Linda and her friend were with Black men. Enamored in a way that, when he was interested in someone else, she reverted to create a situation that ultimately led to his expulsion.

    It felt like the fetish was a through line. But since they won’t tell us, I’ll never know if that’s what was happening there. 

    You may have come back to this in a subsequent episode, I listened to the next 3 before I came back to this point.


  2. Tommydeee

    Ummmm….was Socks real? I was wondering that while watching season 3 and now I don’t even know.

  3. fyahworks

    Hey y’all!

    Just wanted to say you guys did a marvelous job with the final season of Atlanta! You definitely open my eyes to things I didn’t always catch and that’s why the gospel according to Rod and bassey is needed!!!!

    Lastly, I may have been one of the first to shout out Karen’s laugh, and we need to give some credit to rods mic for picking up the laughs so clean and her comments. It truly became a big part of the podcast. It’s been a wild ride and we will be waiting for the retrospective! Thank you. Thank you!

    Fyahworks out

  4. Sean

    Loved Atlanta, loved the recaps, and, I love fugu (pufferfish). I’ve eaten it as sushi, I’ve eaten it fried, I’ve eaten it boiled, and I only got poisoned once (from the deep-fried fugu; it caused numbness in the mouth and lower face with a little lightheadedness, but I got over it after about six hours). Also, generally speaking, the fish is supposed to be chilled but not frozen while the rice should be at or slightly above room temperature.

    I look forward to listening to your series recap. This series seems to have been mostly thought out as a single story, which will make a full rewatch more valuable than many other series.

  5. RoninRaphael

    Ya’ll are the BESTEST!

    I completely missed Eze being Darius last name for the simple reason that he is an Ijaw from Rivers State in Nigeria. Eze isn’t an Ijaw name, so I didn’t even think about it and was wondering why the pharmacist called Darius by his medication? Dang, and I went to school all my life with a bunch of Eze’s and the first book we used for reading at school was “Eze Goes To School” it’s an Igbo name. The Glovers got me, oh well it was all a dream. I’ll await big booty judge Judy (her team once offered to fly me to Los Angeles if I was willing to bring my case on TV).

    I saw the finale right after Wakanda Forever and I was all smiles like Darius at the end. If I hadn’t been consuming TBGWT along with this recap and been going to therapy, I don’t think that I would be in a place where I clap in appreciation for the amazing work of art that Atlanta is. Ya’ll would never understand how grateful I am for your work.

    Finally, I’m in agreement, Lakeith is just muaaaaaah when it comes to acting. I once read an interview that he did before The Harder They Fall and he gave some confusing vibes that made me not sure if he was questioning the vaccine. Did that stop my love for his acting? Heck nooo, the brother too good and I just hope that I read the interview wrong. Love him! Whatever show you pick, I’m down. I have already dreamed of a universe where you two tackle one of the awesome K Dramas on Netflix (I know but a man can dream, Ijaw dreamers are powerful).

    Thank you for blessing us with this awesome show.

    Respect from the true Ijaw in the house!

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