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2635: January 6th Part 2

Rod and Karen discuss schedule updates, Trump announces he’s running for office again, how will the media cover him this time around, no more drunk hosting at CNN NYE, Blueface arrested for attempted murder, Grammy noms, Miariah Carey denied Christmas trademarks, Taylor Swift fans vs Ticketmaster, Bezos announces he’s giving his wealth away, population goes over 8 billion, TX teacher admits to being racist, FBI says lone juvenile responsible for HBCU bomb threats and sword ratMariahchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    That racist teacher probably doesn’t think he did anything wrong and sadly he will probably get hired at some private religious school. It is Texas after all and after the election results that state seems to be a lost cause.

  2. ThePinkSuperhero

    The faces of the children in the video of the racist TX teacher broke my heart – they looked so sad.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Congrats on the second season of game theory!
    Even if when you said no feedback show I was a little sad. I really enjoy listening life to it on Saturday. But I understand! I wish you lots of success!

    Today I learned that I will be the host/ presenter for our cardio franchise kick off convention in January with 300-400 attendees. ( I applayed on a whim when there was an internal request and got it 2 days later)
    So I’m also talent now in the most humorous category ever, Corporate entertainment.

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