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PG 352: That Extra Dollar

Rod. Justin and Karen discuss a flat tire, going back to the gym, taking days off from the podcast, going to Hornets games, Game Theory, egg toasts, elections, I Am A Stalker, Indian Predator, Killer Sally, listener feedback and some pregame news.

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  1. fyahworks

    Happy December niggaz!!!

    Last pre-game was called that extra dollar! Well speaking of extra dollar, I just renewed my tbgwt premium contract for another year! Y’all not getting rid of me that easily lol! Rod thank for the clear up and help
    Via email on the renewal process! You are truly patient and helpful!

    Before I go just wanna say I appreciate you guys! On the free and premium levels! I heard the Spotify wrapped episode and everything said is true times 1000! All the best and even more success for 2023!

    See y’all in ball deep sports

    Fyahworks out!

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