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BDS 462: Pippen and Jordan 2022

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ben Gordon arrested again, Kyrie Irving, the Nets, Josh Primo goes after therapist, Udoka, Alvin Kamara punches man, Vanderbilt assistant sideline over pro-Kanye tweet, Miles Bridges files for restraining order, The Washington Commanders, Brittany Griner transferred to labor camp, Juan Dixon named in sexual assault lawsuit, Larsa and Marcus dating,  Tim Hardaway messes up again, Gisele dating new man, athletes being sued over crypto, RG3 wife embarrassed over his chicken eating, refs suing NBA over vaccine requirement, Cade Cunningham lost his crypto, Malik Beasley has new baby with wife he cheated on and a HS suspends season over sexual hazing.


  1. Sean

    I don’t blame Marcus for going after Larsa… I mean every Jordan deserves a Pippen to make them great…

  2. monkeyblood

    OMG, thanks for Playing the Commanders song, I lost a few calories laughing at y’all talk about the video. Even though they’re not my team the song is stuck in my head. The video immediately lifts my mood any time I play it. I catch my self lately quoting lines from the song, and making up my own lyrics using the same cadence when I joke around with my friends. Keep up the great work y’all. Those haters can’t dis us, left hand up who are weeeee, the tippers!”

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