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2639: Tep-Con

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, shooting at a funeral, living alone increases risk of depression, man wins legal battle to not party with co-workers, Elon Musk Twitter news, Trump blames Kanye for dinner guest, Jaylen Brown retracts support for BHI, man calls police on 9 year old Black girl, white nurse accuses pregnant Black woman of fraud and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    The man who called the cops on that little girl knew it was a little girl and knew the exact words to say to get the cops to come out to harass her. Fuck him and I hope he get the biggest hemorrhoids and never has a peaceful shit for the rest of his miserable racist life.

  2. Sean

    Maybe Musk is just seeking the approval of his dad… I mean, yes, Musk started his fortune based on the Apartheid earnings of his dad, however he made most of his money by getting lucky during the dotcom bubble. He figures that if he destroys Twitter then Truth Social will become the predominant social media platform, which will allow Trump to return and usher in a racial totalitarian state to allow for a return to American Apartheid. That way he can use neo-slavery to make another fortune the same way his daddy did. Then his daddy will finally love him…

    I mean that’s what it looks like he is doing…

    Edit: just to be certain, this was all in jest. I don’t think Musk is smart enough to actually have a plan.

  3. Sean

    Wait, Rod charges extra for sleeping with co-workers? Is that because Karen has ice-cold feet?

  4. Strayblossom

    In a a recent job interview I was asked how I would connect with our business partners and build rapport. I said I’d be dependable and let my work speak for itself. They were like, naw outside of work though. I didn’t have an answer for them and I’m pretty sure they held that against me. I didn’t get that position and I’m glad! I am not trying to be one of their little friends. They can miss me with that bs.

    Side note: I did end up getting a new position with dope leadership that directly addressed “quiet quitting” during a team meeting and how she thinks that re-branding of work-life balance as a negative is awful. I was so happy I could have cried in that meeting!

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I’m a strong extrovert when I’m outside but I also need lots of quiet time in the evenings. So one part of me was very sad I the lockdown situation I get it.
    My brain is a colorful pony making somersaults and a strong computer. And they are friends.
    In law school I dida seminar that was also about the different amounts you can sue for in the US and Europe. It was said that the reason was in Europe the courts see the reasonable informed citizen as a baseline. ( I’m sorry for what this implies)
    And because we have a social net for the poor and the sick they don’t depend on courts to give them money to live if they can’t work anymore for example.

    Also. Lots of mediocre white men are seen as smart or a 12 level genius, that’s true. But also you yourself said that people would excuse Kanye with the 12. Level genius shit 5 minutes later. So maybe it’s not just whites. I am a white immigrant in Germany and always knew I had to be better than others to succeed. I dont feel it so much anymore because I achieved stuff but from the age of 12 when we arrived in Germany to maybe 35 I felt it very strongly.

    • rodimusprime

      1. Kanye is a musical genius.
      2. I didn’t say ONLY white men get called geniuses. People normally use the term to excuse bad behavior of people they are fans of. So it can happen for more than just white men. But it’s mostly a label people reserve for white men.

      • ApiafromGermany

        True, it’s mostly white men who profit from this. I agree.
        When Kanye invites some right wing activists to a meeting with Trump it’s not like this is about his musical talent. I would doubt it that they are even talking much about music at all. I once heard that Trumps favorite song was “memories” from cats or so, this doesn’t sound much like Kanye.

        • ApiafromGermany

          Now I have the song “memories” in my head. Great job brain.

  6. Mwangangi

    It depends on the co-workers. Some jobs yes. Also, 2/3 of my jobs I get from friends so – I know them already.

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