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2640: Monkey Pirate Ship

Rod and Karen discuss woman pays to deprogram “woke” daughter, business owner charged $1.3K for shipping, Balenciaga BDSM teddy bear controversy, young people in situationships, why men don’t have close friends, Starbucks worker suspended, Lizzo denies making music for white audience, vet defrauding scheme, Monopoly game turns violent, man arrested for stalking and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I always thought Lizzo made music that empowers women, black women in particular based on her videos. But when you’re black and get to a certain level of fame where your white fan base becomes as large or larger than your black one jealously comes into play to some extent even though the reason a lot of talented black artists don’t cross over is because the industry is racist and doesn’t support black art to the same degree they do white entertainers. I also think to some degree there may be some resentment toward Lizzo because she doesn’t fit the typical mold of the mega superstar because she’s a big woman. Fat phobia seems to be one of the quietly accepted forms of discrimination because people can hide their fat phobia under the guise of “caring about a person’s health”

  2. rodimusprime

    New Listener Listening Forever

    Hey Yall! I’m here from For All Nerds. I’ve loved all of yalls
    appearances and when I found out that yall recapped Dem Thrones
    episodes, I quickly brought my ass over to where I needed to be. I’m
    playing catch up from the first recap episode and I am on 2633. I love
    this podcast!! Yall have heard this several times and I COMPLETELY
    agree. Yall are hilarious! I have inappropriately scream laughed in
    public several times now because of yall. In this episode, Rod
    mentioned how we not seeing these niggas celebrating Hanukkah or
    playing with a draddle and I screamed. Karen mentioned looking
    inwardly at why we don’t like ppl to try and figure out the true
    reason and it was a WORD!! I have done this and it is always
    effective. Sooo excited to add yall to my Podcast rotation. Thank
    youuuuu!! p.s. Loved the episode with DJ BenHameen and Dr. Wyn-Grant.
    Especially the latter. I didn’t think I was going to like it but I’m
    SO glad I listened. I loved it and learned a lot. Yall are great!!!!
    Left my 5 stars on Spotify!!


  3. ajmartin22

    Hi Rod and Queen Karen, great episode as always. I have been an avid listener for years and just renewed my premium subscription! My mother and I have a weekly game night that we started in October 2020 on Fridays and one of the games we play occasionally is Monopoly. However, we play it with an hour time limit and whomever has the most money at the end of the hour, wins the game. Some other games were ones we discovered at the library, such as Jaipur, Sushi Roll, and Machi Koro.

    Love the show and keep the content coming!


  4. ApiafromGermany

    Situationships- depending on the life phase as Rod said. Im off the market sinde 2006 but if I was 25 and had no children yet or other responsibilities it could be fun.
    Now I need a partner who can get excited with my by changing the bedroom windows next year to floor deep. And my excitement comes about 90% from my job. The upside: money.

  5. earnestdotcom

    RE: this episodes poll:

    Some of us just have to take what we can get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I give you now 5 dollars monthly! You got me.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    The Balenciaga stuff is just weird. The bdsm Teddybears are just in poor taste, but what’s worse is that when you zoom in on another campaign there is a document saying that child porn should be covered by free speech. That’s too much for me. They used the child porn expression themselves.
    Should this be provocative and edgy? Or are they really into child porn? Wouldn’t you want to hide it? I don’t know. Luckily the stuff is too ugly and too expensive anyway for me.

  8. Sean

    Wait, why did the “deprogrammed” woman sound like a cult acolyte? Methinks they have their terminology inversed…

  9. SuavyP

    Ahh the case of the Pirate monkey… Karen’s Freudian slip had me dying. Her uncanny ability to get the name of any and everything completely wrong rivals only that of Justin on Balls Deep Sports. Rod, I demand that you go to corporate with this case. Oh wait, corporate for you means reporting right back to that racist Karen!. Poor Rod… Poor. poor Rod

    Anyway, Rod, you are spot on about white ppl and the word “monkey”. They LOVE it! They use it all the time. I remember I had a similar reaction as you when I first heard them using it at work. They would call someone a “slide monkey”. As in a person that’s creating power point slides. Took me a while to realize every time I heard that term, they were talking to another white person. They use monkey for everything! It’s ridiculous. I can easily see that starbucks worker thinking someone actually said their name was “Monkey” after that.

    Great show guys!

    • ApiafromGermany

      You got us white people, very good. One word used for EVERYTHING is fantastic for communication and avoiding misunderstandings. I often say : I will m word the m word in the m word next to the m word. White people will understand.

      But this monkey discussion was good for me. As my taste in music is the whitest thing about my inner self I like the song “twisted transistor” by Korn. In the Video black musicians play the group members. One person calls Snoop the m word and now I checked it out it’s munkey and not monkey. I wondered for years about that. Now I read about it finally in response to this show. Can finally close this brain tap! Still 134224 to go but still!

  10. Devil_Bitch

    LISTEN!! Karen was rough and stuff with her afro puffs tonight! I love your hair, ma’am!!!

  11. rodimusprime

    Rod and Karen, 

    I saw Wakanda Forever over the holiday weekend. During the opening sequence, I couldn’t help but think back to the old episodes when 1) y’all said that Chadwick Boseman should be Black Panther after having played every Black historical figure and then 2) the episode after the announcement that Chadwick would be playing Black Panther.  

    Coming full circle from the proposition to the confirmation to Black Panther to Chadwick’s passing to the funeral in Wakanda Forever just really made me appreciate that whole ride, and your part in it. Thanks for that.

    Take care.


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