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2649: Hooked On Us

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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Have you ever lived with a radiator you couldn't control? (Not counting living with your parents)


  1. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for the feedback show.

  2. Sean

    There are some classrooms in universities I teach at that do not allow control of the thermostat… That being said, I generally let my students control their thermostat because I am comfortable between -40 and 40 C (-40 and 104 F). Everybody has a comfort zone, and mine just happens to be slightly wider than normal.

    That being said, not being able to control the artificial temperature where you are living is fucked up, and I hope you can get to your normal NY residence and Karen can learn to adjust the theromstat soon. Take care and stay warm…

  3. mizzbarnes

    I have gas heat and anyone with gas heat knows that it take 3 seconds for it to get hot as hell. My son and grandson were visting with me and I had went to sleep. I woke up one morning sweating like hell, wondering what was going on. I normally have the heat set to 65. My son, who DOES NOT PAY THE GAS BILL hiked the temp up to 80!!! I kicked open the door and proceed to tell him keep his dusty fingers off of my thermostat. He was like, I do not want my son to freeze. I told him that he was an adult and buy a heated blanket for his son and kick rocks. I said all of that to say, I’m sorry Rod, I know it’s hotter than hell in your home and keep those windows open along with the fans going. Take care and have fun in NY!

  4. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    First of All, Apia WILL BE HEARD! Lmao, we love you girl! Sorry about your furry friend, I know that can be hard. And I honestly appreciate the allyship of Apia, Tanya, Jon, & all the other non-POCs in Tip Nation because it matters! To comment on Mandy’s email – I couldn’t wait to hear it because when Rod read it, my fucking Hawaiian roll-less order from Walmart showed up, so I had to wait until the episode loaded. It wasn’t as bad as I expected after seeing the reactions, HOWEVER (in my Stephen A voice) it was pretty wrong-headed. Does she think that man was gonna get out and INSTANTLY start nuking Americans? All people hear is “Merchant of Death” and envision Thanos or sumn. The nigga sold guns. Which IS terrible, but…Idk. Her arguments made no sense. Instead of releasing Brit, we should release people in America locked up for weed because BG KNEW IT WAS ILLEGAL??? Didn’t THEY? How about NO ONE should be imprisoned for it? Can both be true? As Dre pointed out, people are using this “Merchant of Death” shit to mask their real feelings, but we see y’all.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Thank you, this warmed my sad heart. .

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I also didn’t know much about Meghan Markle before and when I heard that she was to marry Prince Harry I thought: “ congrats! They seem sweet together and she isn’t some 18- year old teenager bride. Now I have all information I need and if I never hear about it again, super”
    And oh, how obsessed people got.
    I remember people were obsessed with the wife of prince William in the beginning and said mean shit about her, called her waity Katy as if there was some shame in it that they didn’t get married 3 months after meeting each other. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as with Meghan.

    Here we have woman hating + racism. And I think the feeling in British people “a witch from outside came and took our boy” maybe?

    I still find her ok, and not even so interesting and wish them happiness.

    Brittney Griner: I agree with Karen and Rod, this was some political theater, and blaming it on cannabis should discredit her somehow. They could as well have arrested her for looking in the wrong direction. I was afraid she would die there so I’m happy she is out. This “ a war lord for a drug consumer” narrative is also political theater. Don’t fall for it ( I know R und K you don’t)

    My dog was sick with heart and lung problems for a long time, she still had good moments but was in danger of suffocating every morning. It was awful. She could still go on walks but when she was sleeping she didn’t get enough oxygen. It was a really hard experience for me. I know it wasn’t a human but she was a part of our family.

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