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PG 355: Plain Janes

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss HelloFresh, GoldBelly, talking with Rod’s mom, Rod’s Holiday Cards for his co-workers, Justin kicking it with his niece, Justin’s mic acting up and a viral video about Pretty Girls not being able to get a man.



    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin

    Either this is the last pregame of 2022 or the first of 2023! Let me start by saying happy new year! All the best and continued success and blessed to you 3! It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, but one thing I could always count on to get my through is my tbgwt family! You guys are truly amazing! Let me share some behind the scenes stuff with everyone! Before Rod heading out to nyc, I had some issues with my premium account! So I emailed rod as I have done in the past! He replied back before I could put my phone down! So we are working through the issue, and he is doing this all while at the hornets game! I felt bad once I realized he was there but I also felt valued he would take the time to help me out while he was basically pre occupied! That, people is customer service! And a man who cares about the people! Thanks again Rod I truly appreciate you, and I always appreciate what Karen and Justin bring to the podcast as well! You guys are truly a BIG 3!

    Now, let’s talk about dads……

    Have you guys been following the master p and Romeo Miller drama? It’s bad enough when a son and father fight and 10 times worse when they do it for the world to see! It’s been a nasty fight over Instagram that started when Steven boss died and master p posted about it. This triggered something in Romeo to come for master P, saying you could post about a dude you don’t know but didn’t have this energy for his daughter who had mental health issues and passed away! Then during Christmas he had all his family by the house, Minus Romeo and made a post! For a grown ass man it came off quite petty.

    In other dad news, kel Mitchell daughter is claiming she homeless and ain’t have a relationship with her dad in about 10 years! I would also assume that mean he ain’t sending no funds either.

    And lastly in dad news, there is a father from Uganda that had 102 kids, and 568 grandkids.
    He says he has to SLOW DOWN Due to the high cost of living! 102 kids? Well damn! Why do you have 102 kids? “There’s nothing else to do SAL!”

    You guys have a great holiday and talk soon

    Fyahworks out

  2. CheyenneKnew

    Hey y’all, thank you for another pregame! Pregame is my favorite series, hearing real life shit that makes adulting more bearable is a blessing.

    I’ve been in Justin’s situation and it’s ass. Good luck to him and Turk.

    Speaking of hellofresh, my first box came in today! Wishing me and Karen good luck in these stove top streets.

    I also look forward to hearing about New York!! It’s so cool to hear about the writing process and TV Production in general so Rod thank you so much for sharing with us. I enjoy your.and Karen’s insta too, it helps me remember that I’m not a product, I can post regular degular stuff whenever I want just for funnsies

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