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BDS 465: Prove Those Jiggaboos Wrong

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Shannon vs Skip, TX coach arrested for felony family violence, RG3 slip up, MJ GOAT story, Larsa says her and Marcus are just friends, TSU football staffer arrested for attacking player with car, Ex-MLB Pitcher comes out as gay, 12 year old looks older, LaMelo’s girlfriend says she’s not a sex worker, Luka settles lawsuit with mom, fan uses baby pic to troll Blake Griffin, Cam’Ron details Ben Gordon arrest, Troy Vincent calls NFL Combine slave action, Amar’e Stoudamire arrested for hitting daughter, Harden says Nets had no structure, Mickey Joseph arrested for domestic violence, OJ says Khloe is not his baby, Tristan Thompson settles child support payments, Masters will allow LIV golfers to play, Donavan Mitchell says racism was draining in Utah, Xavien Howard accused of domestic violence, Chief’s super fan arrested for bank robbery, Formula 1 bans drivers making political statements, Sunday ticket heading to YouTube, Salt Bae banned from US Open Cup, Commander Charity looking shady and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jay Bayless,

    I hope all is well.

    Y’all see the update about Damar Hamlin being “cognitively intact”? That’s wonderful news and I hope he has an easy recovery. I also hope everyone on the field is okay after that.

    When I saw Bomani Jones tweeted out that video for Game Theory with them dudes asking Browns fans what they thought about Deshaun Watson, it reminded me of when LeBron James left Cleveland and folks back home were mad, saying that LeBron James made them look bad. And LeBron didn’t make Cleveland look bad, people just happened to look at Cleveland showing their ass. And no Cleveland folks, but especially not Browns fans, can complain about that segment. They ain’t try to find random Browns fans in the tri-state area. They went to the Muni Lot to get that pure, uncut, shameless fan takes on defending Watson. I can’t wait to see what else y’all cooking up for this season.

    So much about Skip Bayless crystalized for me when he basically told his wife, “wives come and go but this LeBron slander is forever” and that man is married to his character on TV. And when he called Shannon a bum on TV and then this dust up the other day, it made me think of white people who suddenly get shocked that you ain’t cool with them reducing shit to “just politics”. It especially sucks too cuz I enjoy listening to what Shannon got to say about sports and it has been dope watching him get better at this TV thing.

    Luka dropped 60 on the Knicks and that made me realize something: so many great NBA moments, and you look at the highlights, whose that you see getting dunked on? Whose that you see catching an inseam to the face? What team’s failures in the post season are why Reggie Miller got a 30 for 30? That’s right, the NY Knicks. And when Luka dropped 60-20-10, ain’t no other team gonna rise to the occasion to get historically cooked like the Knicks. Do y’all have any favorite basketball memories at the Knick’s expense?

    And 60 points is cute and shit, but Eastern Bloc James Harden ain’t drop SEVENTY-ONE OF THEM THANGS ON THE BULLS IN A COMEBACK VICTORY! Is Donovan Mitchell have the best post-trade glow-up in a long while? Man went from Mormon Boston to Cleveland and has been *killing it*.

    Shouts out to Tennessee for beating Clemson in the orangest Orange Bowl ever, but how the hell did Dabo get that many white WRs on one college football team post-integration? Also, I’m telling y’all now, the end of Dabo at Clemson is nigh. Lied in front of god and all the hos about quitting his job if kids got paid and now Clemson out here getting cooked. We smoking that Dabo pack now.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend, thanks as always for the fantastic shows and happy new years!


    Happy 2023 Rod, Karen, & Jundisputed

    Well 2023 is off to a “fine” start!

    First or foremost! Prayers up for Damar Hamlin and the Buffalo bills! Definitely a sad situation and I hope he pulls through! I’m glad they didn’t continue that game because how? I don’t see how it was possible! As far as going forward what do you guys think should happen with that game? There’s many scenarios being floated out. Push back the whole playoffs one week but then you don’t get the bye week in between the championship game and the Super Bowl! Another is to play it after week 18! I also heard flipping a coin. (Between bills and bengals) What do you guys think? Throw the whole game away?

    Last show rg3 was out here calling people jiggaboos! It’s looks like he has his own jiggaboo junior as he had to rush off the air because his milk of magnesia was in labor at the hospital!!!

    Lastly, skip bayless surely made the headlines this week with his tweets! One really had people in their feelings! Then Tuesday he does the show with out Shannon! And of course Wednesday when Shannon comes back, they have a fight on the air quite similar to the one we saw when skip said Shannon was trash during a Tom Brady conversation! Could we be seeing the end of skip and Shannon?

    Appreciate you guys as always as we enter a new year of mess and more mess

    Talk soon

    Fyahworks out

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