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TNO 194: T’Challahisi Coates

Rod, Karen, Shanna and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Black Adam losing money, the DCEU relaunch turmoil, Nintendo shuts down Smash World Tour, Nobody getting a sequel, Twitch streamer gets anonymous donation, Call of Duty coming to Switch, Cavill moving on to Warhammer, Gal Gadot returning to Fast and Furious, J Law gets roasted for saying she’s the first woman to lead an action franchise, Alita Battle Angel sequel, Days Gone director blames woke reviewers for mid game, GameStop getting out of Crypto, Donald Glover Spider-Man spin-off, Nintendo JoyCon drift, the top 10 anticipated movies of 2023, HBO Max adds Clarence back, John Ridley ending Black Panther run, Velma coming to HBO Max, movie studio can be sued for deceptive trailers, Terminator reboot, Epic Games fined, Pokemon anime moving past Ash and Pikachu, Spider-Man 2 and Netflix ending password sharing.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Happy New Year Nerd Off Crew,

    I hope all is well.

    Shouts out to my local public library, which I’ve learned is an excellent resource for finding comics and graphic novels. To that point, I started reading “Something Is Killing The Children” cuz Rod mentioned it and cuz the title was simple enough for ADHD-deep fried brain to remember. It’s starting off strong and I’m enjoying it. I also finished Tom King’s “The Human Target Vol 1”. I’m gonna end reading his Batman run cuz it turns out my local library system has the whole damn thing. And I’m intentionally not saying what city I live in cuz I already done had to wait like 9 months to get “The Fifth Season” on audiobook and I ain’t trying to do the same with Batman.

    I also started watching “Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans” and nothing adds to the emotional resonance of show quite the few but glaring reminders that this is a show about child soldiers. It’s fucking fantastic and also pretty dark.

    Have any of y’all ever played “Madness Interactive”? It was a side scrolling Flash game shooter that came out on Newgrounds in August 2003. Turns out that several years ago they made a legit game for Steam called “Madness: Project Nexus” and I gotta admit, while nostalgia originally got me to cop…I’ve had a lot of fun playing this 3D take on the game and admiring the mechanical updates. Speaking of nostalgia and keep that fuckin thang on you, what do y’all think about this Goldeneye remaster?

    I hope y’all have a great weekend! Stay warm (it’s cold as fuck outside) and stay nerdy!



  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here, can’t tell you how excited I am with the John Ridley news. Seeing the announcement that Eve Ewing is taking over the flagship Black Panther book was music to my ears. Rip Bozo to John Ridley. You will not be missed. I hope and pray the Eve hits it outta the park. Her issue of Ironheart where Riri and Shuri first met was one of my favourites.

    Just had to get that outta the way first. In a little personal news, it’s safe enough now I can say the anime I’ve been working on for several months is the Black Clover Movie. Ya boi is incredibly excited for y’all to see what we’ve been cookin. The lineup of animators is crazy and the trailers haven’t shown any of the crazy stuff yet. End of march can’t come soon enough.

    Other than that, thanks to a combination of Podcast Fandom and TV Movie Mistress’ podcasts I’m now watching nothing but K-Drama’s. I recently watched Extraordinary Attorney Woo (greatest show of all time btw) because podcast fandom was covering it and it sounded interesting but now I have 20 K-dramas on my list so far to watch and I’m watching 6 concurrently. There is way too much good content. On netflix alone I’ve heavily enjoyed Attorney Woo, Alchemy of Souls and Vincenzo and am watching several shows on other steaming sites. I blew through a show called Reborn Rich in 2 days somehow. Not gonna be watching anything else for a while lol. The actors in these K-dramas are just too hot and talented I wanna watch them hold hands and blush forever.

    Can’t wait for the episode haha, Felix out.


    Hey fellow Nerds. 2023 is looking like a return to form year at the theaters. John Wick, Kang beating Ant-Man’s ass like a government mule, Indiana Jones 5, John Wick 4 and plenty more

    I finally watched the Lethal Weapon series. Yeah, which, I’ve never watched them and walked away amazed at the quality of the first three, especially Lethal Weapon 2, which, I think, is the best one of all of them. Had the best villains, narrative/story and stakes. And that fuckin’ score by the late Michael Kamen was fiyah! Lethal Weapon 4 was a lot on-screen as it was off. Feels like the current quandary for WB, too, actually. They needed a hit badly after the awfulness of 1997 and fast-tracked LW4 for an early July opening in ’98. Not to mentioned all the 5011 people they had to pay, because that budget was massive ($140M back then). Long-story short, they made it in time for its scheduled release and, yeah, I don’t want Lethal Finale or whatever the fuck it’s going to be called. Nope, not after that shit. LW4 does open pretty well, so that worked. That was probably half the budget, right there, lol. Jet Li kicked those niggas asses and for him to die the way he did, was horseshit. AK-47 underwater? Riggs couldn’t do a triangle choke like the first film? I mean, Murtaugh stabbed him with a metal rod and he still beat their asses. Just lazy writing. I wanted to wait for a 4K release, but I gotta say, the Blu-Ray quality is good, but could be better.

    Those films reminded me of how good 80s & 90s action movies were. Now, this isn’t a commentary on films today, which I don’t do that pretentious bullshit. Every era changes with the times and sensibilities change with audiences. But, damn, Lethal Weapon 1-3, Die Hard, Die Hard With A Vengeance, Rapid Fire, Supercop, Long Kiss Goodnight, Face/Off, Speed, Hard Target, etc. they all collectively went so hard and they each hold up today.

    So many bangers, featuring Impossible White Men (& Women) greats. Even the music was as important as the set-pieces were. Idk, I’ve been on a kick of just watching these, enjoying them for the blasts that they are. Those were great action flick decades.

  4. trojanscooter

    Hello Nerd Off Crew. Hope you are having a good holiday season

    In 2023 I’m looking forward to Static: Shadows of Dakota, Superman by Joshua Williamson, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Nubia & the Justice League, the Nightwing book post Dark Crisis and Blue Beetle.

    I’ve been watching the latest season of Doom Patrol wondering how they are going to end the show, where Dorothy has been, and does ROBOTMAN really have Parkinson’s? I’ve been reading Nightwing by Tom Taylor and you can tell the writer is a fan of Dick Grayson. Also been reading some of the X books from Hickman & crew. Finally I have to catch up on Jason Aaron’s Avengers.

    Looking back the writing was on the wall with Gunn becoming co-CEO of DC Studios. He completed his Suicide Squad movie which got a warm reception by fans and critics (I think). Next comes the reports that he had so much fun with John Cena that he wrote an entire season of a spin off show. The first season was really good. As it ended Harley Quinn season 3 began and who was a recurring character? James. Each episode it seemed that Clayface was singing his praises and James was part of the cast. I should have seen it coming.

    Hope you all have a great holiday season. Peace!

  5. RoninRaphael

    Happy Holidays awesome Nerds and a prosperous 2023 to you all. Thanks for giving me a comfortable home for nerdery free of toxicity & full of laughs. Do you think that due the fact that we have not yet seen a trailer or teaser for The Marvels, that’s why it wasn’t amongst the Top 10 Fandango most anticipated movies?

    Someone needs to use that Men In Black tech on Sony and make them forget about making anything Spider-Man movies. Just stop it now! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that watched the Bastard and the Devil himself. Only to discover that it was canceled right after I finished it ughhhhhh. The Peripheral tho is a Yes, I enjoyed that villain and shiiiiit don’t bring me no tea with honey and a British accent plus you fine. Anyway I’m excited for January, Jeff Bezos said you not gonna have time to hate me when I drop The Legend of Vox Machina and Invincible in the same month. You got me Lex Luthor!

    See you awesome folks in 2023!

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