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2650: The Herschel Walker of Defendants

Rod and Karen discuss Christmas Eve away from each other, airline travel, the cold weather, Coronavirus News, Torey Lanez found guilty on all counts, the fallout from the trial, Trey Songz arrested again, Tamar Braxton gets the flu, TSA finds gun in peanut butter, man lodges WWI explosive in his butt, Samuel L Jackson liked porn on Twitter, mom catfish bullies daughter, Chainsaw dad, Ulta beauty heist and sword ratchetness.

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  1. GreenEyedBandit

    The story of the old man with the WWI shell shoved in his rectum is just… getting your back blown out is NOT supposed to be taken literally!

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Thank you for the Christmas show! Very cool to wake up to a new episode on Christmas.

    I checked how cold it is in New York now and it said 14F.
    That’s still temperature my body enjoys. When I wear the right clothes I feel great and my body tells me: Apia, we were build for this. Our ancestors survived Eastern European winters. I still remember winters with in Poland with about – 10 F for weeks and my grandparents flat heated coal and wood only and no warm water.

    I’m not a big Christmas person. My mother is, so we get the full load for 2 days. There are nice things about it but overall I’m relieved when it’s over. I have the whole next week off so that’s great.

    I checked for the life expectancy in Germany and it said:
    The current life expectancy for Germany in 2022 is 81.72 years, a 0.19% increase from 2021.

    My guess:
    Health insurance for everyone + we don’t have the Opiat crisis here.


    In Germany people often deal with pain in a different way.
    I only heard about patients on Opiats when they are on their death beds from cancer. I never had any Opiats prescribed. And I had 2 kids by natural birth and had lots of dentist appointments. Dentists will give you shots close to the problem tooth for pain that work for 1 hour or so and you hardly ever get another prescription afterwards. And if, it’s ibuprofen.

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