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SMR 429: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Rod reviews the “Knives Out” sequel “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.”


  1. JLCauvin

    I agreed basically with this entire review. So I guess you are wrong Rod


    I actually watched this before it left theaters and had a good time with it. I don’t think it reaches the peaks and valleys of Knives Out, due to it being a new-IP and reinvigorating a genre that was out to pasture for a time. Knives Out had a better cast than this one, since, it had more layers and depth to most of the one dimensional characters here. Janelle Monae, Edward Norton and Daniel Craig carry this thang on their shoulders like some Gs. While l liked Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Jessica Henwick and Leslie Odom Jr, they’re characters didn’t amount too much. To me, it appeared in the prologue their characters were getting to some narrative but when it got to the island, it became a Norton/Monae/Craig showcase. Which, cool, but I’d like more of the other characters side stories.

    We’ll agree to disagree with Bautista, as I think he was pretty good in this. Felt he was the fourth interesting actor compared to his opposites. Generally speaking, I think he & Cena have surpassed The Rock for me, in terms of, role choices and range. In the past, yes, The Rock chose some roles that challenged him. Now, to me, I don’t see as much diversity. Even he played The Rock as Krypto in that mediocre DC Superpets film, which is now on HBO Max (sigh, yes, you too, Black Adam is also on that app).

    I do see your point with the film falling apart in the third act. I wasn’t as put off by it, but aspects of it did get too “jazz hands” for me. As someone who’s been giving Socialist, leftist, OWS, sloganeering on Twitter a bigger side eye than a Proton Cannon finisher in Marvel vs. Capcom, it didn’t get supremely disingenuousness, which it was teetering on that line, but never went over for me. It looked nice, even if the execution wasn’t to the efficiency of Knives Out.

    I had fun, even if it wasn’t a grand classic like the 2019 film. I’m up for Rian Johnson’s next flick.

  3. RoninRaphael

    Oh weeeeeeew, I was Twitter without reading most of the Twitter posts about this movie as I was avoiding spoilers until I saw it two nights ago. Then Rod brought down the curtains with his review. I ain’t gonna lie, I see everything that you said and as usual, no lie told and at the same time I had hell of a good time with this movie. I guess I’m a murder mystery guy. All them Matlock & British murders that I was forced to watch as a kid finally catching up to me ha. I also found the comment on Bautista fascinating by Rian cause that dude doesn’t have range. The Rock for all that he does has shown acting chops with Ballers and some of his earlier movies. Dave Bautista seems to excel for me in limited roles as part of an ensemble with few lines that don’t require him to carry the movie. Anyway excellent review as always. Now Glass Onion is a fine name for an NFT wouldn’t you agree with me?

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