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2654: A Buttload Of Fun

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. DizzyLizzyGyal

    I too have thermostat trauma. My mom used to get on us for turning on the ac or heater. It had to be extreme to cut either on so I just left it alone and still do! If it’s cold inside, I put on a hoodie. Too hot and I’m wearing tank tops and shorts with fans running.

  2. TanyaW42

    OMG the episode title!! Hahahahahaha! I’m dead.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I heard about the fact that opiates dependency is more common among white people in the US because they got them prescribed more because the pain of black people wasn’t taken seriously. But strangely by not prescribing them so much to black people prevented building opiates addiction among them. So the bad intentions prevented deaths in the long run? That’s confusing. Again I’m a white person in country where almost no one gets opiates. Pain is seen more as a part of life. When I was in labor with my second child they literary suggested a walk to speed the process of opening the “exit”. ( walk it off Apia) I did it, walked for an hour with Mr Apia, came back and the show started soon after. I could leave with the baby the next day.

    • Sean

      In Japan my father-in-law was on death’s door, but they still would not prescribe opiates. If one has a month to live you would think that addiction would not be that big of a consideration.

      Also, different story, my wife was at the point where she was near needing induction due to pregnancy complications. Same advice as Apia, take a walk. Took a midnight walk and the next morning Kai was born and peeing in the nurses face…

      There is a spectrum of analgesic and palliative options, and opioids are actually rarely a good option for chronic conditions (they lead to increased pain perception and a chance of addiction), but for intense acute pain and/or terminal care, restricting them can be more harmful. (NSAIDs like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Loxiprofen have “caps” on the amount of pain they can mitigate)
      On the other hand, the best treatment for my cluster headaches (marijuana) and migraines (LSD) are illegal in Japan, which makes treatment more difficult.

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