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Rod and Karen discuss basketball, New Years Eve, Steam Rice Rolls, Grubhub vs DoorDash, stepping on a bug, Coronavirus News, Andrew Tate arrested, Hush Trips, Slater Bassett plays a prank on his parents, man robs card store, cheerleading coach shows her students some nudes from her boyfriend, man shoots wife for honking the horn and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ginagate

    I so enjoyed hearing Katen talk about basketball! I had no idea players could be so diverse in function!

    allay omg thank yall SO MUCH for introducing me to Way Iof Tge House Husband!!! it’s adorable and hilarious! and it’s dubbed so I can listen! do you know if there are any sites or titles that have audio description of anine in English? I’ve added love death+robots to my queue bc it has audio description, but haven’t seen any others. thanks!

  2. EvieE

    I didn’t really know much about Andrew state until he got banned from Twitter the first time and then I forgot about him and then he came back when Elon unbanned his Twitter. I just assumed he’s the white Kevin Samuels but way worse. Even if he didn’t get arrested because of the pizza box you gotta admit the timing of his arrest is hilarious because his last tweet was him being triggered by a teenage girl.

  3. ThePinkSuperhero

    If you think vaccine compliance is scary overall, wait until you look at things by age – children in particular are so poorly vaccinated. For the under-5 set, it’s hovering just a touch over 10%! Why people aren’t more terrified of the impact of COVID on their children is completely beyond me. It wasn’t fun dragging my kids to get vaccinated over and over but we did that!

    Source: https://www.aap.org/en/pages/2019-novel-coronavirus-covid-19-infections/children-and-covid-19-vaccination-trends/

  4. Sean

    I haven’t taken a hush trip, but I had a co-worker who decided to take on a full-time synchronized remote teaching position (Zoom classes) while the university we were working at was using asynchronized remote teaching (no assigned class times, do at your own pace). He got a permanent position at the place he was moonlighting at, motherfucker (but I’m not bitter).

  5. DizzyLizzyGyal

    Never taken a hush trip but mostly because when I’m on vacation, I’M ON VACATION. Lol I don’t want to answer emails, take calls, nothing. To each his own but that sounds like a drag to me.

  6. TanyaW42

    Rod, so cool that you got a delivery from Joe’s Steam Rice Roll, it’s soooo good! I stop by their Upper West Side location from time to time. If you order from them again ask for extra chili oil, it’s amazing.

  7. TheSwami

    Hi Rod and Karen,
    About the tik tok celebrity death prank- after a while, the admonitions of Angela Bassett’s son got to be too much of a pile on. I saw too many people make it all they were tweeting about for multiple days and reiterating the same points. Once he apologized, that should have been it, but people were out here like dogs with a bone.

    Adults like to chastise the kids for their irresponsible internet pranks, but I find the trend of harping on this for days to be irresponsible and bordering on bullying, especially when it’s coming from grown ass people who should have their own business to tend and who should know better.

    Thanks for your perspectives. Love the show!

  8. ApiafromGermany

    We were told in my company remote work is OK ( especially for people with other positions, with no customer contacts unlike my job)
    as long as it’s in Germany because something something tax law.
    I didn’t research further because as I told you I can’t do it really.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    Rod, your careful behavior is absolutely part of you not getting covid. But there is more.
    You can work from home and you don’t have kids.
    We got covid last year from our small, daycare attending child. As did many parents. There was nothing we could do against it. Daycare was necessary so we could work.
    Also in my job I can’t fully work from home, maybe max 2 days out of 5.
    We and many others don’t have the option to be as careful. It’s not about the hang after work, it’s about being able to work for us.

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