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2656: The Last Karen OG

Rod and Karen discuss finding a basketball court, Marvel Snap, Jack Ryan, SpyXFamily, getting the car inspected, taking a drive, couple trapped on amusement park ride, the name Karen is dying out, Supreme Court won’t end migrant expulsions, airport baggage handler sucked into engine, Governor Kate Brown commutes all death penalty sentences, 19 year old busted in fake parking tickets scam, White People News, man impersonate special agent, woman drops 50 pounds of human waste off at police station, man arrested dressed as Fireball Whisky bottle and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I live next to a Karen who’s name is actually Karen and she’s nosey as hell but she’s nice to me so no problems these past 12 years. But don’t let her catch you outside because she will talk to you for a half hour straight and won’t take hints when you say you have to go. I imagine with the negative connotation to that name now not many people will name their kids that for many years to come unless the parents are hippies like the ones who name their kids Gertrude and Arthur.

    If you looking for anime suggestions you may enjoy Blue Lock if you’re into sports anime. It’s pretty good

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    I haven’t followed Diddy’s love life since he dated JLo. lol. Happy New Year, fam

  3. Newsy

    Oh man I love that Karen flew through Kotaru Lives Alone! That anime was so good! I wonder if you will like Romantic Killer, Karen. It’s a out a girl who has handsome men thrust into her life in attempt to get her to fall in love, but all she cares about is chocolate, video games and her cat. It’s hilarious, but also a little sad. Yay anime!

  4. ApiafromGermany

    The name Karen is absolutely unknown here I know no one who isn’t from the English world who has this name.
    We have Karin, close but somehow very different, and also spoken differently with the a like the a at the end of Chemda.

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