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2657: Viral Load

Rod and Karen discuss turning in a second draft, Coronavirus News, Dr. Love headed back to jail, husband forgets his wife on the side of the road, strangers give sad kid a birthday do-over, man robs banks with vials of viruses, ambulance workers stage walkout in UK, college students allowed to be substitute teachers, millions working two jobs in the US, Orlando airport almost ran out of gas, woman arrested over trash bill, motorcyclist tries to impress first date with police chase, mom arrested for letting son get tattoo and sword ratchetness.

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  1. thewritin1

    Rod I thought I was being the asshole, so I’m so glad you also called bullshit on that kid’s birthday party! I knew she was lying when she said all 40 guests returned the RSVP! That has never happened ever! And you mean to tell me not even 1 or 2 of those kids showed up after saying they’d come. Ain’t no way. I think momma just wanted to go viral and get the loot she knew kind people would send to her kid. It’s happened before!

  2. ginagate

    having to get back into masking consistently at work again,and ur is su hard!! the second (!!) day back, one of my coworkers tested positive ( she thought it was the flu!) and the students are back. htsr before break, ny boss had it ! I’m vaxed & boosted but it’s getting scary again. I don’t want tu get it 3 years in; I wanna get my covid diploma!

  3. ApiafromGermany

    My job is the kind of job where I
    Could work 24/7 because there are always 150 project simultaneously and I have to set boundaries to not work on weekends or vacation. ( luckily Wolfgang, my supervisor also sets those boundaries and for example doesn’t call after 6 pm unless we are having an event) But it pays well. I always tell myself, Apia you could be stressed and make no money. When I’m very stressed I open my pay slips files and look at them. No joke. It helps.

  4. EvieE

    I call bs with the kids birthday party as well. It seems like this trend started a while ago where someone posts their kid looking all sad because no one showed up to their party and it’s usually a kid that has a special needs. First of all I thought that trend was kind of humiliating for the child and up there with parents who punish their kids online for likes. The point, I think, was to gain sympathy and possibly money and gifts out of it. And it usually worked. After the first few posts like that went viral more people started doing it but then this is when all the scammers came in. For example a few years back this woman posted her kid in her car crying his eyes out because he was being bullied. People were sharing this post and even I felt bad for the kid. The kid even had chris Evans and mark ruffalo invite him to the premiere to the avengers infinity war. Black twitter CSI stepped in and found out the kid was being bullied for calling his classmates the n word and found out the family was whole ass team MAGA. They lit that family up and Chris and Mark. Mark felt so bad he had to invite a black kid who was bullied to the premiere as well.
    Now whenever I see people post their kids to garner sympathy I scroll right on past.

  5. LouLuna

    I think that 10 year old party story is a total scam. I am always skeptical of viral stories like this, but when it’s this saddening it feels like a scheme. I blame the parents on this one. Going and telling this to Reddit is a red flag. It seems to me like a sympathy grab for an attention seeking parent. If it actually did happen, I still blame the parents. They must be awful enough for adults not to just suck it up and let their kids eat some cake and run around with their friend. Maybe it’s the whole family and they don’t get just how much people do not like them. If it’s just the parents.. and the kid is as sweet as can be, then I really feel for him. But, all in all, I totally agree with Rod. I was washing the dishes while y ‘all were going through this one, shaking my head, and then I jumped right towards my speaker as if y’all were in the kitchen with me screaming. There’s something more to this, and it just reeks of scam/awful humans.

    • ApiafromGermany

      I agree 100%. It sounds very suspicious.
      And I would find it very embarrassing as a kid to get this kids of attention. “you have no friends but at least strangers feel bad for you and pity you!”

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Predicting the worst news imaginable seem to be great for business and you never have to say that you were wrong. You can just say that it didn’t come true-YET.
    Don you remember when in 2020 Corona started and so many people said the word was ending? There was never any correction. How people were expecting the omicron /delta remix to take over as infectious as omicron and as deadly as delta? It didn’t happen.
    This way we always stay in a very anxious state and can’t ever relax, not even for 5 minutes.
    That’s why at the end of a year it was always a terrible year as it seems.
    And that’s also why I don’t watch news anymore, I read them and it’d more than enough.

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