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BDS 466: Put Your Glasses Back On

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Damar Hamlin almost dies on the field, Skip Bayless, Jerry Jones ordered to submit to paternity test, Brittany Renner shifting grifts, coach suspended for violating NFL gambling policy, Djokovic is back in Australia, Lebron James’ tweets, Sunday Ticket with YouTube, Jeanie Buss’ fiance has some racial tweets, Chris Beard’s fiance says he didn’t strangle her, Derek Carr leaves Raiders, D Rose buys his wife and baby mom the same pajamas, Cameron Baston arrested, Dana White slapped his wife, Ben Gordon warrant issued, Lebron praises Deshaun Watson on Twitter, Ja Morant sued for punching teen during pickup game, USMNT messy drama, Ryan Leaf wants the NFL to take the week off and LSU sex party rumor.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jed Reed,

    I hope all is well. Or, as the locals in NYC say, “I hope you good, B.” Peace and Timbs to y’all.

    What do y’all make of Ed Reed coming out here and showing his ass? Contract wasn’t even finished and he was hoping on IG to shit talk Bethine-Cookman, the football facility conditions and the interim university president. Going on Roland Martin and throwing in BCU’s face that he cared about the kids *despite* the administration and talking about the money that he was going to bring to the program if, again, not for the administration? He was out here sounding like some type of savior to BCU and that shit rankles me. And fuck Deion Sanders for cosigning that shit, too.

    And I can’t wait for when a stiff breeze causes Tony Dungy dum dum head ass to fall down a flight of stairs. I ain’t forgot about him shit talking Michael Sam for being gay so it ain’t surprising he’s out here tweeting like Flag N Eagle Twitter.

    What do y’all make of the Rui Hachimura trade? I ain’t seen him play at all.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend, stay warm up there and thanks as always for the dope shows!



  2. rodimusprime

    Dear balls deep. Being born and raised in Cincinnati. Joe burrow out here talking spicy and I love it. I know we will ultimately lose in some heartbreaking way. But right now. Whodey.



    Hey Rod, Karen and Jike McCarthy.

    Dallas be having me in stitches. Last year, it was the QB Draw before time expired to the 49ers and this year, they find a way to top that blunder, with Dak getting Ezekiel getting gored like he was Chris Jericho on Smackdown, all those years ago, for the worst lateral attempt since New England at the Raiders, earlier this NFL season. And to do it to the same team? Impressive. Another year, another episode of “How Bout Them Bumboys”.

    Will the Chiefs finally figure it out against Joe Kool and the Bengals Gang? I hope so, but I can’t front, I really like Burrow and his swag. I love Mahomes, I really do, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bengals back in the Superbowl. Can’t wait for that matchup.

    Eagles-49ers should be hella fascinating. I think the Eagles should pull it off. Then again, that 49ers is very mean.

    Stefan Diggs Outchea cussing out everybody in Buffalo like he’s the captain now. I don’t think Buffalo’s SB window is closed but if Diggs is acting a damn donkey on Twitter and in real-life, sure feels like it’s closing.

    Take care, y’all.

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jandon Stalley,

    I hope all is well.

    If y’all watched the game, when did y’all realize the Chargers were gonna blow that lead? For me it was when the Justin Herbert fucked up that jet sweep, fumbled, Chargers punted and then the Jags flew down the field to make it 27-7 at the half. If Lamar Jackson played a half of football like Trevor Lawrence had, the halftime report would be Mike Tirico telling that moolie to get off the field. What makes Lawrence’s game even more egregious is he tried so damn hard to throw a 5th *and then* 6th interception! When I saw the Chargers were up 27-0 in the first quarter, I thought Brandon Stalley was taking serious about keeping his job…and then the Jags proved how very unserious Stalley is as a head coach and the Chargers are as an organization. Well it ain’t like they got any fans to disappoint or nothing.

    And then there’s the Cowboy’s defense, who spent Sunday night beating the brakes, wheels and transmission off an old man who didn’t wanna to get hit no more. Shouts out to Dallas on both sides of the ball for balling the fuck and I’m looking forward to watching them play the Niners (shouts out to Amani).

    Special shouts out to my Great White Nope of the Year winner Aaron Rodgers! Is he basically Big Ben at this point for the Packers? Maybe if Rodgers spent some of his offseason with with his receivers instead of getting high and shit talking his teammates, the Packers might’ve been in the playoffs. Weapon-grade ITWAN smdh.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful week! Thank you as always for the dope shows!



    Welcome back rod, karen and jos Angeles chargers!

    So the bolts, as they are sometimes called, did their best impression of the colts when they were up 33-0 on the Vikings! And Justin Herbert and the crew said imma do you one better and do it in the playoffs with more eyes watching, and blew a major lead to the Jacksonville jags! The jags rod, the jags!

    Before I get up outta here! Lemme get that Ray Lewis drop real quick Rod!!!

    Darius miles, not the former nba player, but maybe a reincarnation version who is from dc and used to play for the university of Alabama, until a young woman who was visiting the universe was killed! It is alleged he provided the gun that took the life of the young woman and I believe his “mans” was the shooter! But both men who Al were involved in the shooting are not being charged with capital murder in the death of Jemea Harris who was 23! Now I’m not that familiar with what the difference is between regular murder and capital murder but I just read the capital can get you the death penalty! And regular ol murder is life with the possibility of parole!

    I ask you guys even tho you aren’t judges or in the field of law, when does one apply or not apply

    Love the shows as always

    Fyahworks out

  6. Banger316

    Hey rod, karen, and justin. This is james, aka lover of persona from twitter and you will have to excuse me but im fittin to be on my sports petty right now. Lets start with these 2 old ass nfl qb’s who should have taken they washed asses home last year. First off aaron no vax rodgers wasnt even good enough to make the playoffs in green bay, and spent the whole season shitting on his teammates on different podcasts while acting like he wasnt the one out there underperforming and costing his team games, then you got this other dude, Tom mr blow my life up Brady who for the first time in his career had a sub 500 season out here barely making the playoffs in the weakest div in all of football, only to get embarrassed and blowout by the cowboys in the wild card round. To quote the great SpongeBob SquarePants fish clip “how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man”. Now thats been said lets move onto to the nba and im 100% with you rod when you said on twitter wednesday its time to blow up and trade this clippers team away cause 90 gms in 4 seasons for Kawhi and George with not even a finals to show for it just aint gonna cut it, and as a hardcore lebron stan i find it so hilarious that Kawhi mr street lights over spotlights Leonard has already missed 22 gms out of 47, and still refuses to play a back to back for the 7th straight year. Meanwhile lebron in year 20 with a busted ankle is out here playing every gm he can putting up nearly 50 pt triple doubles and winning player of the week for a record 66th time in his career last week. Yall better appreciate king james while you got em cause even he aint gonna be around forever so give him his flowers while you can. Last but not least, by far the most pettiest thing i wanted to talk to yall about is this Udonis haslem bs…now i dont give a fuck how many times miami signs this dude, season after season as their “mascot” player the fact that he has as many years credited as lebron without even playing half a season in 7 years and in most cases not breaking even 15 gms the last few years is ridiculous, and to me the same way you have to play x amount of games to be on the stats leaderboard in a season their outta be a minimum amount of games/minutes you have to play to qualify as a legit season cause year 20 haslem wont ever hit the same as year 20 lebron. Thanks for reading my long ass comment and as always luv yall and the show peace out.


    Hey, if it ain’t favorite paisans, Rod, Karen and Joe Lombardi.

    Chargers, Chargers, Chargers. A team with so much talent, yet, nuts up faster at the sight of ceiling-breaking expectations. Must be a charmed life to be on Cloud-9 seeing NFL personalities peg you as the favorite to win it all, over for y’all to let us down. Look, hats off to the Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence for shaking off 4 INTs in the first-half. It’s not easy to overcome those odds, since prior, winning with the team committing five TOs is nuts. In order to build leads, you have to keep the gas on the pedal. Being conservative can get you beat. Ask last year’s Chiefs, 2013 & 2017 Alex Smith-led Chiefs, 2019 Houston Texans and for the fucking hell of it, all-time Super-Bowl choking 2016 Atlanta Falcons. Justin Herbert could’ve ended these dudes and he missed a grand opportunity. These dudes should’ve been up at least damn near 40 points, the way they were racking up takeaways and they just stopped. Herbert had an open man on their final takeaway in the first-half. He missed him. Shit, he all but botched the reverse and shit, too. Grand openings for the patented BEATEMDOWN (h/t Bomani Jones) but they’re the Chargers and they certainly lived up to that reputation. 31-3 run by the opposing team ends your season. Should’ve been good enough to win on a potential game-sealing FG in the fourth for Los Angeles but the spirit of former Chargers kicker, Nate Keading, prevented that.

    I don’t care how smart Brandon Staley is. I don’t. This man was more aggressive than an obsessive gambler on a Tuesday night, the prior year and cowered into the convention, pussy-footing coach. My man cost two former Chargers personel their jobs for playing it safe against Sunshine. Staley should be gone, but he won’t be, cuz they’re the Chargers. Forever and forever. Hey, at least they’ll kick-ass in free agency again. What a joke.

    And as for Tom Brady? I don’t really have much slander, since I retired that agenda, years ago. He looked all the 45 years old on Monday night as Dak played his best playoff game since the Packers loss in ’16 NFC divisional round. The old Gipper’s probably going to give it another go and will probably play like he’s still in 2007. My warning to Tom is this: People remember how your peers went out on top, albeit in diminished form in their final years: John Elway (b2b SBs in 1997-1998), Peyton Manning (2015 SB).

    Tom had the perfect ending in SB LV (55) beating Kansas City. Would’ve been a perfect way to be remembered. The way this is looking: losing your wife, kids and potentially getting Byron Leftwich ousted, doesn’t seem like a lasting legacy. Shit, quietly he tied ol’ Peyton for postseason losses (13) and we all know his playoff woes like him talking about halftime adjustments on Monday. FOX is paying this man bricks to do a job we don’t even know he’s good at. Take the money, Teflon Tom. You’ve proved to everybody, even me, that we shouldn’t have doubted you. It’s a young man’s game now and here you are, diluting yourself for NFTs that are about as empty as Sam Bankman-Fried’s consciousness. Which, considering the fallout of FTX, how fitting. Peace!

  8. Teamwombraider

    Happy New Year Rod, Karen & Jana White!

    Between Dana White giving “advice” via his hands to his wife. I immediately thought of you guys, & how you mentioned a portion of men trying to justify wife violence. Asking questions, like. “I’ve been struck by my wife or girlfriend. Can I hit her back now? There was so many social media responses. With backwards justification, “because he was hit first by his wife, what do you expect bro.”
    As for us in negro land, we’re saying. Hey sports journalism. Any coverage on this event or admonishing of this man. Then again, I ask myself. Who shot the video & how did they avoid a lawsuit & physical assault from Dana or his buddies?
    In NFL safety, pray to live news. Its a blessing that Damar is alive. I found it odd that his non profit was pumped full of money, while a week prior. There was only a few thousand dollars received. it reminds me of once again, the wealth gap between our community & everyone else, aka whites. In less than 72 hours, there was several million dollars donated. The cynic in me believed a few businesses needed another tax break to add to their bottom line.
    In College national football championship news. if UGA used their fourth string players. Would there be a closer match? 60 points, are you kidding me!
    Ok, I’m done rambling. Thank you for showing the lighter silly & salacious sides of sports.


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