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2658: The Original January 6th

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    The call me Cleo documentary was so disappointing. I get that she had a sympathetic edit because she passed was really just the face of a corrupt organization but they kinda glossed over how much of a scammer she was. She was as much Jamaican as Rachael Dolezal is black.

  2. JLCauvin

    Regarding Rod’s “you can know someone how they play ball” – I was a great passer which hinted at my future as a philanthropist (as I joke on Half Blackface, my special coming out in 2031, Chris Hayes of MSNBC was on my middle school Church team and he took a ton of charges in middle school, which is not only rare, but I think hinted at his future progressive politics (self-sacrifice). In college I got in more scrapes in practice than in games because I always found it more offensive when teammates would play dirty (with no refs) than if an opponent got away with something (it isn’t cheating if the refs don’t call it) – this clearly hinted my future righteous prickishness. *cue Rod was right music*

    Lastly, I hate the parents chasing clout by portraying their kids as losers (I definitely agree that that birthday story is BS. I screen shotted a post last year that went viral (with tons of celebrities wishing the kid a happy birthday). The Dad literally said This is my son. He has autism and has no friends. Not one. It would make his day if you wish him a happy birthday. The first thing I did was trademark this as Cloutism. I opted to not call this out out of respect for the kid, but claiming your autistic kid a) is a loser and b) is interested in social media likes on his Dad’s account is a double barrel of shameful.

  3. Sean

    At the beginning, when you were talking about CoViD symptoms as they present in children I was remembering the rabbit hole/doom scroll I fell into the other day regarding the increased incidence of pediatric hemorrhagic stroke during CoViD. Get your vectors, I mean children, vaxed!

  4. Marissajenae619

    I bet you the reason Raven was on the Ms. Cleo doc has something to do with her show that’s so Raven. Whether it was inspired by Cleo or if Cleo did a cameo on the show.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    One more!
    There is a nice American man in my city whom I know from us both having dogs. Today I met him while I was listening to TBWT. I asked him where he is from exactly in the US and he is from Charlotte. What?
    What a coincidence. Of course I immediately told him to listen to the podcast from his hometown. Next time I will test if he did.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I don’t hate my job at all. I like a lot about it but it’s also a lot.
    Munchausen is when you pretend that you are sick yourself muchhausen by proxy is when you do it to a child.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I know, you worked from an office, and because you wore a mask you didn’t get infected despite have it an office mate who had covid.
    That was absolutely because of you careful behavior.
    I know you see that you re rather in a good situation maybe I just remembered how I felt powerless when we got it from our son. We did everything we were supposed to!
    The kids were vaccinated.
    It helped for sure, we had a very mild version and the kids had nothing, but still it was a feeling of loss of control.

    I know that pharma companies are allowed to advertise to patients directly in the US, I work in a Pharma company that operates in Europe und the US. It feels insane to me, because here it’s extra forbidden to even mention the brand name of a prescription drug to a patient. We have a law that is called “prohibition of advertising to laymen”. As the compliance expert/(lawyer by education) in our region I could talk about it for a very long time, but I think it’s more interesting to me than others.

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