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2665: Sista Ass 2

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Sean

    First, if J-L goes postal they have hundreds of hours of Righteous P***k podcasts to go through for evidence… that being said, Ron Raygun Jr. would have to narrate the documentary…

    Second, Karen talking about YouTube U hit home. I’m the official TechStuffGuy in my house and have done tech support for international conferences in Japan and Korea. Being a TechStuffGuy has three steps, CTP (check the plug, 90% of problems are solved this way), fix it based on experience (9% of problems are solved this way), and check the net for anything you haven’t solved yet. If you are on the phone with tech support and they say that’s interesting, can you check * (seemingly unrelated thing), it is because they are probably on Google or YouTube and trying to kill time while they figure out the solution…

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Adolf vs Kevin
    I never met an alive Adolf, the name is luckily not given nearly at to kids because of the stigma. I read 15 times last year.
    If I ever met one I would feel sorry for him for having this name. A sane person would change it as soon as possible.

    Kevin is full of stigma here. I might have been worst in the past? I hear less about it than 5 years ago.
    Kevin in Germany has these things attached to it:
    Parents giving it are seen as having low education, not being cultured in the right way, reading no books, smoking in front of the child, letting it watch tv all day and feed it chips as a fool meal and so on. It’s what in the US you would call white trash minus the opioid addiction.
    ( I heard that using the expression white trash is supposed to be racist ever if i don’t remember why but it was somehow bad I think but I don’t know how else to describe it. If I called them just trash, would you understand? Please tell)

    • Mwangangi

      Can’t speak for everyone Apia, but if you just called them trash I would assume the white part… because Europe and such

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I enjoy some Museums a lot and most of them, not.
    Modern art is something I really like and that’s for that reason:
    It has the capability to surprise me. There is no way to predict what I will see in a new modern art museum. Some stuff is interesting, some I don’t understand, some is beautiful, other stuff ugly and annoying. I go for my own reaction and the thoughts it will bring up. I wonder about the artist, about why the museum bought this one, the message and so on. And why it makes me feel a certain way.
    When I go there with an open mid my gets an interesting stimulation.
    Classic art is mostly boring I find, same with history, I get it in 10 minutes. Ok, old portraits are sometimes fun.
    To see how people wanted to be pictured.

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