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TNO 195: $804

Rod, Karen and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Velma is popular, what went wrong with Iron Fist, Wakanda Forever coming to Disney+, Avatar makes 2 billion, PS5 shortage, Stephen Amell coming back as Arrow, man stole money from work and lost it on GameStop,  WB says it’s done canceling shows and then immediately cancels Titans and Doom Patrol, Final Space creator launches Kickstarter, Dungeons and Dragons TV show in the works, Fear The Walking Dead ending, Digital sales accounted for 90% of games in UK, Gina Carano, Ubisoft cancels more games, Justin Roiland fired from everything, Marvel’s Avengers to be delisted, Angela Bassett nets Marvel their first acting Oscar nom, League of Legends source code hacked, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back, the Razzies rescind nomination of 12 year old, Hogwarts Legacy developer respond to controversy, Squid Game reality TV show injury rumors, Kevin Feige doesn’t think people will get tired of Marvel movies, Nintendo ramping up production to prepare for new Zelda game, Naughty Dog under no pressure to release sequels, man falsely accused of playing games at work, The Last of Us renewed for season 2 and Tomb Raider TV series.


  1. rodimusprime

    G’Day Nerds,

    Mandalorian season 3 had Zeb in it. 10/10. Can’t wait for the Ahsoka series with some the Rebels crew being in it.
    I also bought the force fix replica dark saber.

    I really enjoyed guardians vol 3. Thought it capped their story off well.

    Been playing this Homestead Arcana game on game pass. You grow stuff, brew potions & complete tasks. It’s been fun to play. Then I have potion permit, cult of the lamb & the new Jedi game in the queue

    Have a good 1

  2. csick

    I know that Tom Clancy names pretty much all of his characters either Jack or John, but Jack Reacher actually isn’t one of them. The Jack Reacher books were written by Lee Child.
    I can see why you would think that, though. With the way Amazon is branding it, I’m pretty sure they want people to associate it with Clancy’s properties.
    Anyway, I finally started watching it after your recommendation and I’m definitely enjoying it, so thanks for the rec!


    Hey there fellow Nerds.

    I finally got an XBOX Series X. OMFG, it’s so good. It does more than any console I’ve ever had. It even boost older games with the High Dynamic Range automatically. The quick Resume is THE game changer. Im playing The Gunk and the original Max Payne and it effortlessly boots up with no problem. I love it.

    I don’t plan on giving away my One X, since, I still think it has some value in some way. I’ll never forgive nerds and Sony for low-balling people because of hesitation of the future of the industry in 2013. It was genius PR by Sony, certainly, but it cost us for awhile. Precious time was wasted on semantics on whether a system should be online all the time. Like, yeah, so-called genius, it should be, that’s the point of progress in gaming.

    Can’t be too mad anymore. Shit’s amazing. I want to try to get a PS5 and whatever Nintendo’s new system will be. It’s a good time to be a gamer.

  4. Sean

    While I was listening to your rant against the fetishization of Lara Croft’s triangle breasts, I had to shake my head in agreement. While Pythagoras was known for his love of triangles and the mathematic appreciation of music, he was also known for his disdain of fava beans and sexual congress. It is wonderful to appreciate her breasts for triangular perfection, but not in a sexual way…

  5. RoninRaphael

    Salutations Fantastic Nerds,

    Your brief recap of Lethal Weapon 4 made me remember why I fell in love with that movie. Such a classic ass whooping from the great Jet Li. My late uncle running his own commentary during that fight will forever be a memory .

    Btw did any of you watch Alice in Borderland? For some reason I never caught the hype when the first season dropped. So one day I decided to check it out recently and my goodness. That’s some fascinating and good stuff. Why do Japanese and Korean stuff hit so different? I would love to be able to write like some of their writers.

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear that Last of Us got renewed. Watching that show along with Vox Machina be making me forget some streaming apps that I have. Big congrats to Wakanda Forever, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and RRR amongst others. Those are the shit that I cared for. Dancing away to Naatuu Naatuu.

    Awesome episode!

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