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BDS 467: We Don’t Need Ed Reed

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Khloe travels to see Tristan, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez accused of mishandling trust, TX fires Beard, Sharelle Rosado dating Ochocinco, Olivia Dunne crazed fans, Bauer released by Dodgers, Travis Kelce squashes rumors about making Kayla Nicole pay for everything, Kliff Kingsbury leaves for Thailand, Enes Kanter says bounty is on his head, Antonio Brown snapchat taken down, Darius Miles implicated in murder, Ed Reed and Bethune-Cookman, Dearica Hamby says she was bullied by her team over pregnancy, Tony Dungy issues apology for transphobic tweet, IG model exposes Anthony Edwards, Titans GM says wife almost left him for pursuing his dream, Larsa goes IG official with Marcus Jordan, woman accuses Connor McGregor of assault, 49ers player arrested for domestic violence, KD thought Steph Curry was white, Marcus Stokes, Dak’s girlfriend leaves him, Mike Clevinger accused of domestic violence, NBA All Star rosters will be picked live before the game, kids taunting during basketball and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JEli Apple,

    I hope all is well.

    Shouts out Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts cuz one of those niggas is going to win the Super Bowl and either way helps my agendas: if Mahomes wins (and I think KC will), it emboldens his GOAT resume even further. If the Eagles win? We will likely seeing Eagles fans sladering Cowboys with severity that hasn’t been seen since the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead against the Patriots and Saints fans everywhere celebrated. Additionally, I get to celebrate seeing someone from Cleveland win a ring cuz of Jason and Travis Kelce! Imagine being a Cowboys fan and watching the Eagles make *another* Super Bowl while Dallas ain’t been back to the NFC championship since fatback TVs.

    Going back to the AFC Championship game, yes, Joseph Ossai fucked up pushing Mahomes outta bounds. But is Eli Apple the first athlete to ever have their mom delete her Twitter account to avoid the incoming slander? Annie Apple saw that game and got off Twitter like Spongebob getting out that chair. Hell, I’m pretty sure mentioning Apple to Saints fans will still piss them off.

    Word is the Lakers are looking to trade Russ and some picks to Utah and am I wrong feeling bad for Russ that he might get traded to Utah? Specifically cuz their fans are qwhite clear how much they don’t like him and it feels like a fucked up ending to Westbrook basically coming home to play in LA. Granted, I am not Lakers fan so I haven’t had my heart hardened against Westbrook from seeing him brick shot after shot.

    I hope y’all have wonderful evening and thanks as always for the dope shows. And stay warm out there.



    Happy Friday, Rod, Karen & Joe Mixon

    Before I go into this week proper, I have to clarify briefly about my football fandom. Yes, it most definitely felt like I was doing one of those unhinged tantrums white (and even black) men football fans do, when their team is going through it bad. I’m actually a Carolina Panthers fan. Have been since former Punter Jon Kasay messed up that final punt to have Brady and them go off on us during that Super Bowl. They earned my respect that game, I became a fan. I was a Miami Dolphins fans before then, until, I got tired of their punting fetish, no thanks to Dave Wannstedt. That being said, it’s still fuck the Chargers.

    I’m pretty sad about Brady being content with calling it quits. No slander this time, I mean it. This seems like it’s for real and I’m actually glad he realized that he can let this go. This man lives his dream and accomplished more than even he probably didn’t expect. His statistics will be untouchable. Somebody as good as Mahomes won’t get to those numbers. Nobody will. He went out like a dud against the Cowboys, I’m going to not allow that be my lasting memory of one of football’s greatest players in history. I’ll be curious about his announcing gig. Cookin’ corners deep is a much different muscle than calling plays on TV a la Madden, Collingsworth, Romo, Simms or Aikman. I wish him good luck and I hope the money is forever plentiful.

    This nigga Pat Mahomes isn’t human. I swear to God, this man is a devil hunter reincarnated as a black man with a devil cannon. He’s Devil May Cry’s Nero. Just like Nero regrew his arm to fight his father in DMC5, this man regrew an ankle to prevent Burrow from being his pappy (according to the Cincinnati Mayor, who has since recanted that statement). On one leg, he cooked Who Dey. Cooked them. Obviously, his defense was crucial in stopping Joe Burrow from creating a new Cigar Kiosk on the field, since, we’ve been accustomed to KC’s defense being destroyed by receiver after receiver in 2022. Chris Jones stepped the fuck up and finally got two sacks. Nearly had him, last year, before Burrow went Tom Cruise on his ass. He redeem himself. The whole team did. And to all the people who were mad about the officials of the game? Y’all some busters. Busters because you didn’t get the result you wanted. There were some questionable calls (the 3rd & 9 redo was one of them) but both teams had chances. Kansas City finally stopped beating themselves and took advantage. That Ossai kid will learn from pushing a QB clearly out of bounds and won’t do that again. He’s 22. He fucked up in a big spot but sometimes you gotta fuck up before you get better.

    I’m rooting for the Chiefs to win the Black History Bowl, just for historical sake for Patrick. He’ll be in good 2x SB champion company (Manning Bros, Phil Simms, Big Ben). Same for the Cheeseburger connoisseur himself, Andy Reid. He’ll be in 2x SB championship coaching company too (Bill Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Don Shula). Winning against his old coaching grounds, would be dope. KC already dealt with the Cardinals to start the year at their home field ,so why not defeat the Eagles? Should be a good game, nonetheless. Peace.

  3. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and J. Josh Johnson,

    Well we’ve got ourselves a Super Bowl with a couple supreme athletes at quarterback. I’m looking forward to seeing Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes running around out there playing backyard football, getting by on instinct and superior fast twitch muscles; instead of the film study and the cerebral play of hard working gym rats like Josh Allen and Daniel Jones.
    While this Super Bowl might be seen as a triumph for the “Black quarterback agenda”, the real victory was in that NFC championship game with the 49ers 4th string quarterback and “keep gettin dem checks” all star, Josh Johnson. The Ish Smith of the NFL, Johnson has been on rosters for 15 NFL teams and another 8 lower tier and semi professional leagues (UFL, USFL, XFL, Arena league, and he might have even played in the lingerie league). Congratulations to Josh Johnson for proving that black mediocrity can play at football’s premier and (until recently) whitest position. Looking forward to the Rhianna concert with football before and after.

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