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2667: The Chicken Plug

Rod and Karen discuss Rod taking on more responsibility at work, writing sketches, sitting in on meetings, Coronavirus News, Smokey Robinson’s Gasms album, classified docs, Japan falling birth rate, the Doomsday Clock, more people fired over Tyre Nichols’ death, HBCU apologizes for recruiting white football player who said n-word, CEO apologizes for comparing board to MLK while laying off workers, Byron Donalds claims he was sent a copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Gianno Caldwell claims he was shunned in public, cafeteria worker arrested for selling pot in the food, 13 women file lawsuit against company after contracting STD from creepy janitor, cafeteria worker steals 1.5 million dollars worth of chicken wings and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mwangangi

    I’m not ever going to put lying for false ‘moral’ high ground past conservatives — of any color. But; [white] liberals be going too hard on any Black person they disapprove of… they always get to the edge of racism and then trip right the fuck over

  2. bamil73

    Hey Karen and Rod

    When you were discussing the falling birth rates in Japan you alluded to the possibility of the one child policy contributing to that. The one child policy was actually law in China and was put in place curb over population decades ago. It was since repealed (maybe in the 90’s) but China’s current birth rates have not kept up with deaths so they are facing a population decline as well. For Japan, the traditional culture was very male centric and as women have gained more autonomy over the years they have delayed or opted out of having children more and more.

    In the GTR section that STD story was from the darkest timeline, yikes.


    • Sean

      Us listeners in Japan are used to R&K confusing Japan, Korea, China, and basically any other Asian country…
      I had a long post, but it’s too much info that most people won’t find that interesting, so basically: it’s complicated and there are a lot of social and government policies that make it very unappealing to have children.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Business people love to quote civil rights icons. On a video conference a person in my company maybe 3 months ago quoted Nelson Mandela and his fight for freedom as motivation to work harder, something like never give up.
    The good thing: he ate it hard. People called him out and told him it was disgusting to compare Mandelas situation to management wanting us to work even harder.
    Like multiple people said something. I also agreed and said so.
    Im not a fan of quotes anyway and in this situation especially.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Imagine if those two school lunch ladies worked together? The Weed and Wings trucK. FLAMES

  5. Jamell

    Please please please please…. Rod and Karen, please consider making this a new “whenever you feel like it” segment .. I cried laughing . I love every chicken related story ya’ll do… shout out to the chicken police!

  6. ApiafromGermany

    This is how nice Karen is: “you get unsweetened tea.”
    In a disapproving voice is as mean as she gets.

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