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PG 358: Running A Tunnel

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss going out when you’re washed, Rod’s coon Black History videos, Beyonce tickets, cold weather, working at Game Theory and news.



    Hey y’all, I was curious if you all have kept up with the latest Wakanda Forever episodes, especially the latest one with Tenoch Huerta and Letitia Wright. I figured these would be good, but they’re so insightful into how the film got made and even how someone like, say, Wright seeing how pivotal and big seeing yourself on-screen or being “crushed on” as she put it. It’s a wonderful listen and Ta-Nehisi Coates is such a great host for this show.

    I think the next one is the last episode, which will feature Simone Boseman (Chadwick’s widow) and Nate Moore from Marvel Studios. Shit, I just got the 4k steelbook with Namor. I’m on cloud nine, baby. Peace, y’all.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Salutations to the best trio in podcasting,

    Look Rod , they (I don’t care who) better give you an award for the Coon videos. It’s so good that if I were a coon, I’ll want to be on it. The Coon9 Unit .

    I love it!

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