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BDS 468: Ankh One Mixtape

Rod, Justin, Karen and Dominic Rivera discuss listener feedback, Black QBs in the Super Bowl, Joe Mixon allegedly points gun at woman, Tom Brady retiring again, Panthers hire new coach, Italian tennis player accused of using fake vaccine card, Florida losing recruit over NIL deal falling through, Usain Bolt scammed out of 12 million dollars, Conor McGregor hit by car, Omenihu arrested, Stetson Bennett arrested, Matt Barnes involved in another spat, Hulk Hogan back surgery, Dolan won’t sell Knicks, Josh Sills put on commissioner’s exempt list, Rhule suing Panthers, Super Bowl Monday, Kellen Winslow Jr appeal, Sean Payton to Denver, Deion Sanders already working his magic, DeMeco Ryans takes Texans job, grown woman pretends to be JV girls basketball player, Tua out of concussion protocols and Kyrie demands a trade.


  1. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and Jussell Westbrook,

    While LeBron was busy becoming the most prolific scorer in NBA history, it felt like Russ was actively trying to stop that from happening by taking 19 of his own shots during that OKC game. Since Bron did it in 3 quarters it seems like Russ’s quiet tank was overlooked, but you know who didn’t overlook it?… Lakers GMs LeBron James & Rob Pelinka, who had themselves a trade deadline that could be best described as reasonably successful given the circumstances. Am I the only one who thinks the Lakers dodged a bullet by not trading for Kyrie?
    Now I’m hoping for maximum mess including the Jazz buying out Westbrook and Russ joining a contender and proceeding to talk that shit through the postseason (probably from the bench, but that’s besides the point). Also John Wall having to face everyone in Houston who he called trash after he left for the Clippers is… in a word… hilarious!

    Anyhow, As excited as I am for the Rhianna concert with football before and after, the stretch run and NBA postseason has a chance to be amazing! As always, love the show!

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jyrie Irving,

    I hope all is well! Happy Super Bowl Classic weekend! Who y’all got winning the Super Bowl?

    Shouts out to possibly the greatest left tackle to ever play pro football on getting to the Hall of Fame, Joe Thomas!

    Also shouts out to Darrell Revis for also making the Hall of Fame. There should be 2 lists next to Revis’ Hall of Fame bust: receivers that perished on Revis Island *and* GMs whose pockets got ran by Revis Island Financial. A shutdown corner *and* Legend At The Bank? Your face could never.

    How long do y’all think Luka is gonna be on Google trying to understand what “Damn boy, Dr. Yakob gave you them good lungs” means? Or how long until Kyrie realizes Dallas is not going to… actually, know what? Trading your best defender for Kyrie Irving at this point means the Mavs are capable of any bad idea. Do y’all think the Mavs would sign Kyrie past a rental?

    Do any of y’all know how long it takes to learn Photoshop? I’m asking so after KD has been in Phoenix for a minute, I can make a texture out of KD’s ankle in a year and put it over Thanos after he burned half his body destroying the Infinity Stones. How do y’all think the the Suns will fit together now with the addition of KD? How are he and Chris Balls gonna get along? To be clear: I am rooting for KD to openly roast Chris Balls for being old.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for the dope shows as always! Y’all make the work day fly by.




    Happy Black History Bowl Rod, Karen and Jyle Busch.

    Man, who knew losing the M&Ms sponsorship could cause a man to get that heat, especially knowing his owner was once a member of the NRA. Kyle Busch avoided Mexican prison time with John Wick-like speed. People were fucking with him on pit road and a Mall of Americas shootout probably caused “Rowdy” (his nickname for his on-track style) to take it literally. I already said my peace about the Super Bowl, last week. I will say this, however, I hope that game’s a blowout in favor of Kansas City. Enjoy the game, y’all.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin

    NBA trade deadline line just passed and I’m here for the mess Malik Beasley and Scottie Pippen jr are now teammates I can see a fight coming a mile away then a players only meeting and pippen jr getting a buyout let’s say around mid march.

    The Nets just can’t get right and now have the keys to Ben “too scared to shoot” Simmons this about to be the messiest 2nd half of the season and I can’t wait to see it. I was reading somewhere that only like 3 teams kelts they 2nd round picks but basically no one owns they 2nd round pick’s till like 2030.

    Timberwolves just can’t get right either but money Mike Conley getting a bag still and I can’t be mad at it.

    Nothing too much else here’s all the big trades below

  5. chubbzero

    Hello Karen, rod and the jnc tarheels. There’s a nasty rumor going around that the 2 starting guards are in a love triangle with a women’s unc basketball player. While that maybe the reason for the current losing streak, it still don’t explain how they only took 3 free throws against dook last Saturday and NONE in the 2nd half! Please make all of this make sense cause I can’t. Alright yall take it easy.


    Greetings Rod, Karen and Jyrie Irving

    Rod, I know the pre game/bds shows are subject to change and tentative, due to your schedule! And last week I wasn’t expected a show but when I saw that email friday, it felt like the Kyrie trade to Dallas! It took me by surprise!
    Kyrie traded in his timberlands for a cowboy hat! When from one ball dominant player to another one, that just so happens to be white! Very interesting to see how this works out when their usage rates damn near match! Mark cuban too a Kyrie rental with hope he may resign in the off season! But I’m hearing Kyrie is demanding 198 over 4 years! And he delete his apologize post from IG! If you guys are GMs, you paying that? Joe tsai, owner of the nets said he wasn’t sending Kyrie to the lakers! And suns offered cp3 and Jae crowder along with picks! Even after the trade. Went through to Dallas, Phoenix was still look Brooklyns way for KD!

    Congrats to lebron on reaching that glorious milestone! I caught it live and my dad called me with 4 points to go and we kinda shared the moment together.
    In other laker news, Justin, russ is gone to racist Utah, (pending a buyout) how do you like the new pieces of malik Beasley (Larsa pippens former boy toy) and the return of DLo?

    Lastly, rod, did you catch the whole nfl scripts thing that was going on last week? Or prior to last show? Arian foster had said nfl players are giving scripts on how the season will play out and players old and young were running with it !

    You guys have a great weekend

    Appreciate the shows, and laughs, and mess!!!

    Fyahworks out

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