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2670: Meth Mess

Rod and Karen discuss getting old, Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, AMC new ticket pricing, Time’s Up halts operations, Dr. Phil halts operations, Chinese spy balloon, Yale changes mental health policies, name a cockroach after your ex, cops put fake MLK quote on cop car, white man accosts Black YouTube prankster, woman returns 15k in cash she found, man kidnaps another man and says “I’m Batman,” man pours liquids all over Wal-Mart and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mwangangi

    I grew up too poor to be turning down free money. Also grew up broke enough to not want to steal from niggas who can’t afford to lose. So if I can trace the loot and they just a regular nigga I’ll try to give it back but if it’s unattended cash or belongs to some corporation — I’ma chalk it up to luck and deposit it.

    Too many body things over the years so let me zoom out and say until my mid 30s everything worked as intended with minimal prep. Then you get a weird injury… that doesn’t heal quite right and you get used to it but it changes your life a little. Now do that for another 10 to 15 years and all those minor problems add up to the larger experience of feeling old. But if none of them are currently harassing you, you still feel the same! Until your niece says something to remind you that you were in HS in the late 80s…

  2. Sean

    Listen, if I found 15k in cash with nothing linking it to it’s owner, that’s very different from finding 15k in cash with wedding cards. Although I wouldn’t go through the police, every time I’ve found large sums of money or phones, I’ve returned them personally. However, When I found ~$300 in cash with nothing to tie it to an individual two days before my $300 rent was due and I had zero cash (this is before I met Jeff from Osaka, so a while ago), I took the money and paid my rent.
    Just saying, returning money is good, but my paranoid ass has trouble actually trusting the police to return the money.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I had my first grey hair at 22, like my father. Otherwise my body is behaving. No pain.

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