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2669: Keep Your Hands In The Sky

Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s history of loving the Hornets, Rod’s writing career, Coronavirus News, Renaissance went on sale, Netflix adjusts password sharing rules, Elon Musk promises revenue sharing with Twitter Blue creators, loud car tickets from automated cameras, airplane seat swapping story, more people fired over Memphis police killing, Math Hoffa apologizes to Megan Thee Stallion, NYC school under fire for Black History Month meal, Miami PD unveil Black History Month car, mom sneaks into school to make her daughter fight other student, café owner kidnaps ex-employee thief, woman in love with alleged murderer she’s never met and sword ratchetness.

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Have you gotten covid from your kids?


  1. Ste11a

    I don’t have kids but I finally caught COVID in September after being so diligent from my nephew that I was taking care of while his parents were on vacation. I was so upset because I qualified to get the latest booster the following week. I had to wait 3 months according to the CDC to get the booster in December which I did. Fortunately, the only symptoms that I had were cold-like, running nose, coughing, tiredness, etc. I think I also suffered a little short term memory loss but I’m better. In my area, I’m one of the few people that still wear my mask while shopping or in a crowded area indoors.

  2. TAYREL713

    I got officially diagnosed with Covid on Christmas Day 2021 and I’m pretty sure I got it at the theater seeing Spider-Man No Way Home. I was vaccinated and stay masked but it still got your man’s. My kids have actually (on paper) avoided it as they never tested positive but I think we all had it that Christmas despite them testing negative. We are all vaxxed and boosted in this house as my partner has an autoimmune disorder and has actually had Covid twice because of it. I guess that was all to say, no, the kids have not gotten us sick but the Northern Most Southern state, Ohio, certainly did.

  3. PapaRo81

    Coming soon to A&E …..”Till Death Row Do Us Part “

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Thank you for expressing your views on the food issue. This food sounds delicious and the watermelon itself for sure wasn’t racist. It was growing in peace, doing photosynthesis and enjoying the sun. It was harvested, sold and brought to the table only to be rejected as a racist food. What a waste.

  5. bamil73

    I have a message for the babies that feel fucked with every Black History Month when they get fried chicken and waffles as a celebration.

    Hey kids, I live in the Vancouver area, also known as the Lower Main-Land of British Columbia in Canada. It consists of Vancouver and it’s surrounding suburban communities and has a combined population of approximately 2.7 million people. The population of nig…I mean, black people is 1.2% The largest ethnic groups in the region are white at over 50%, 20% East Asian and 12% South Asian. Whenever I go to Popeyes, Church’s (don’t judge me, I love that mutant chicken) and various South Korean fried chicken spots, do you know what I see? Long ass lines with me being the only black person. These are the same long lines of people snapping up watermelons when the supermarkets have them out. Everybody eats this shit. Everybody LOVES this shit kids. Don’t feel bad that everybody loves your shit. I’m Jamaican. When white people cook curry chicken or jerk pork to honour our food I’m never offended. I’m usually grossed out because it’s usually nasty but that’s a different conversation. All that to say, don’t let white supremacy make you feel bad about shit we developed and/or popularized.

    This has been a public service announcement.


  6. TB

    More Honets Minutes with Karen!

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