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2673: A Valentine’s Day Late

Rod and Karen discuss ordering flowers for Valentine’s day, Google Nest Hub, online shopping, the most sinful states, girl scout robbery, Trump wants public executions, LGBTQ News, Chris Berman shouts out Abraham Lincoln, a summer camp cooking program is canceled, Tesla fan DUI, man arrested for entering school bus, woman attacks her lawyer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Shree83

    I’m with Karen like we’re saying stopping Birth Control made her gay . I don’t need to see the studies they lying lol

  2. Nourbese

    Hey Rod and Karen! I haven’t finished the episode yet, but I just got finish listening to the summer camp story (F’ing w/Black people), and I wanted to drop my two cents as well. I feel like social media and what it is doing to our collective brains make it easier for people who, without it would not get the time of day, mess things up for the rest of us. A couple of years ago I work on a piece of legislation ( like wrote much of the language and then worked to get it passed) that included a universal income for low-income Black pregnant women/people in CA. It was a part of many programs that we were pushing to close the gap of Black maternal mortality. We got it passed yay, and a group of Black women, who have dedicated their lives to Black maternal health, started putting the program together and details. Once they got the program together (late last year) and started to advertise the program so that Black women across California that qualify would know that this is available to them (1000 dollars a month to do whatever you need for two years, buy diapers, pay your light bill, pay for a night nurse or lactation counseling) they were several people on the internet with lots of follows (100 of thousands) telling Black women not to do it because it was a “trick” and that we were going to try to steal their babies DNA and other crazy stuff (btw there is no blood drawn or medical anything to be a part of the program, only some paperwork to ensure that if you get the money and have other benefits like food stamps, that you don’t lose that for receiving extra money every month and that you meet the qualification (a parent or pregnant, not rich by CA standards etc)).

    I was floored. It then ended up on a popular social media Black IG account with this suspect headline and folks started making all types of crazy assumptions about how this was white people trying to do experiments on black babies. A simple google search would have shown that the person running the program is a Black women Doctor (who is also a mother of a Black boy) who is amazing and fights for Black women everyday is behind the program and worked with several Black orgs across California.

    Anywhoo the program is still here it didn’t get shut down, but I keep thinking about all the Black women who might have benefited from this program who won’t because some random ass person on the internet (like folks not even in health, one person does hair for a living) was like this ain’t good for Black folks. It just breaks my heart how some of us just kill or try to kill good things for us because of their own trauma/hurt and now have a way to amplify that trauma to impact other folks. P.S. I apologize for all the extra details but I feel like it was important given the already misinformation around it.

    Oh and if it’s not obvious I’m also a Black woman who is a mom (just on the off chance folks assume that it wasn’t a Black woman behind the policy as well). (Nor-Bay-Say or Nana if fine)

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I’m glad we are not hearing from Trump so much and I don’t think it’s bad. He is 100% doing the worst shit and reporting about it would only give him momentum.

    I remember when I was a child and living in Poland I heard that people in Germany ( the rich!) looked down on a chicken meal because it’s poor people food ( poor peoples =us in Poland)
    I don’t think this was ever true but this is what my family thought.

  4. Angela

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Thanks for the awesome podcasts especially while Rod is out here working on Game Theory. The cancellation of the Black history food camp is a Jacarys for me. Like you said these folks are no better (if not worse) than the white bigots who are trying to erase our history, achievements, culture, and contributions to this country.

    Quite often the “never-satisfied” crowd is obsessed with the thought that white people pay attention to and care about everything we do. When I was in law school, some of our Black Student Union members worried about offending white students when we posted BSU meeting flyers around the school. One of my friends asked his white friend about it. She said that whenever she saw a sign with “Black” or BSU on it, she ignored it as she didn’t think it applied to her-like she would see the word Black or BSU and literally stop reading. I would guess that most white folks feel this way when they aren’t trying to quash the inclusion of history and our culture. So many of those fools didn’t know that the “Black National Anthem” existed until their national Klan leaders on Fox and in Congress told them to be offended and angry about it.

    If the issue is that these complaining Black folks are too traumatized and ashamed to go to the food history camp, then they can skip it, and run to the summer camps where they learn about raisins in potato salad, unsweetened Kool-Aid, and microwaved “fried” chicken. Don’t stop me and mine from learning about our impressive history. Those kids missed out on learning some amazing history and skills because of the insecure and uniformed protesting.

    Speaking of microwaved fried chicken, my son’s PWI had some mac and cheese and fried chicken for Black history month. Folks were loading up plates and containers to take to their dorms. Granted the last time the school served chicken, it was ‘Atlanta’ pink even though a lot of the cafeteria staff is Black. My son couldn’t figure out how that happened, but the meal is now improved and the students are happy with their new chicken.

    Thanks again for the awesome shows!

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Hey Family! Five Stars for the coverage of Chicken Roping.

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